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1-2-3 High or Low
1 2 3 Ross Hook
1234's Sell
2 Day Hammer Exploration
21 Day Trigger
3 Minute Bar Breakout
5 Day High
52 Week Hi-Lo Exploration
7 Day Rate Of Change Ported From Super Charts
Adaptive Moving Average by Perry Kauffman
ADX And Trendlines
5 35 5 MACD
Absolute Breadth Index
Advance Decline Line with Negative Volume

ADX with Stochastic Signals

Alligator Indicators
Alligator System Modifications
Anti Trigger- LB Raschke (For Metastock v6.5)
Are There Weekly Patterns in the Stock Market?
ATR Custom Indicator
ATR Modified
ATR Trailing Stop Loss
Automatic Support and Resistance
Average Dollar Price Volatility Exploration-Deel
Average Dollar Price Volatility Indicator-Deel
Average-Modified Method
ADX / ADXR Custom (without Rounding)
Arms Index (TRIN)
Aroon Indicators, by Tushar Chande
2/20 Day EMA Breakout System
Alan Hull's Rate of Return Indicator, translated from TradeStation code
ATR - True & Reverse
2-point plot

Backdating Metastock Explorations
Barnes' Accelleration
Barnes' Adaptive Forecast
Barnes' Moving Average
BDPL Trend Filter
Bearish Engulfing Pattern
Bianchi Approach
Biggest Losers
Binary Wave System Test for Metastock
Body Momentum
Bollinger Band Confirmation
Bollinger Band Histogram Karnish
Bollinger Band Hook Up and Hook Down
Breadth Thrust
Bollinger Bands 2
Bollinger Bands Formula 7 Day
Bollinger Band Width
Bollinger Band Width 2
Bollinger Optimised Synergy System
Boomers Buy and Sell
Boomers Trading Signals
Bottom Reversal
Brown's Indicator
Bull Fear/ Bear Fear
Bull Fear/ Bear Fear with DX System
Building Metastock System Tests
Bullish Engulfing Pattern

Better Bollinger Bands
Breaking out of Price Channels

Breakout signals
Bang For The Buck

Candle Code
Candle - Hanging Man/Hammer and CCI Trading System
Candle Shadow Support
CCI Spike Trading System
Chande and Kroll's R2 Indicator
Chandlier Exit
Chandelier Exit 2
Chandeleir Exit, version II
Changing Ways Accumulation/Distribution
Channel Exit with Stop Loss
Cleaning out unwanted stocks from Metastock
Close Above Median Price

Coding Example
Candle Strength Index
Chande Momentum Oscillator Composite Average
Chande Momentum Oscillator Volatility
Chande's Momentum Oscillator

Collection from a Spanish Source
Common Metastock Bar Patterns
Congestion Index
Connors & Raschke's Historical Volatility System
Consolidation Breakout, Downside
Consolidation Breakout, Upside
Consolidation Over 16 Weeks
Countback line for Metastock
Create a Gann Swing Expert
Creating Dynamic Vertical Lines
Cross Above 200 MA on Twice Average Volume
Crossing Below 200 Day MA on Double Average Volume
Customisable StochRSI from Nicholas Kormanik
Cyclical System

Chande's Trendscore
Comparitive Relative Strength in MetaStock™ for Windows
Confidence %
Coppock Curve

Channel Analysis
Combining Statistical and Pattern Analysis, Shark – 32
CCI Moving Average Crossover Test
Combining Trend and Oscillator Signals
Commodity Channel Index Buy and Sell Signals

Calendar Day counter
Calendar Day of Year

Calendar Weekday counter
Calendar Week counter
Calendar Week of Year
Calendar ASX non-Friday end-of-week(1)
Calendar Weekday of Month
Calendar Week of Month
Cycle Length

Dahl Oscillator
Dahl Variations
Dave's New System (DNS)
Days Since Crossover
Denvelope (RSI)
Displace Indicator Forward
Divergence Between Close and Indicator

Daily Close vs. High and Low Close
Detrended Price Oscillator
Disparity Index

Derivative Moving Average

Double Inside Day
Double Tops and Double Bottoms
Down 20% on Double Average Volume
DMTF Trading System
Dunnigan Trend
Dunn-Type 1
Dunn-Type 2
Dynamic Multiple Time Frame Indicator
Dynamic Zones

Displaying the Price of a Security in 32nds and 64ths
Divergence Between the Close and an Indicator
Dynamic Momentum Oscillator

Darvis Box - Based on "How I made 2 million on the stockmarket"
Dr Elder's Force Index - Metastock Indicator Formula
Date filter
Divergences - Class A

ECO - R Krauz
Elliot Oscillator
Elliot Oscillator
Elliot Wave Identification
EMA Cross System
End Point Moving Average

End Points of a Linear Regression with Standard Deviations
EMA - ATR volatility adjusted
EMA - BB volatility adjusted
EMA, cycle-adaptive
EMA - %PriceChange-filtered
EMA - pivotal
EMA - RSI volatility adjusted

Enter 20 Days after MOV Signal
Equivalent to Wilders TR
Excel Confidence %
Expansion Pivots Buy
Expansion Pivots Sell
Experimental Williams Trading System

EMA - slope %
EMA - Volatility adjusted
EMA - Volume adjusted
EMA Close - weekly
EMA - triple crossover signals
Elder's AutoEnvelope
Elder's Impulse system
Exploration for highest percentage rise in share prices, stocks traded for any length of time

Fibonacci Ratios and Momentum
Fibonacci Trader- Dynamic Balance Point
Fibonacci Trader-Dynamic Balance Point Step
Fibonacci Trader - Fixed Balance Point
Fibonacci Trader- Fixed Balance Point- REVISED
Fibonacci Trader- Fixed Balance Point Step

Freeburg Precious Metal Switch Fund System
From Terms to Technical Tools

Fibonacci Trader- Support and Resistance
Final Plot
Finding Trendiness
Forecast Oscillator
Forecast Oscillator System
Forecast Oscillator System Alternative
Front Weighted 36 Day Moving Average
Full Formula for RSI

Gain By %
Gann High Low
Gann Hi-Lo
Gann Swing Update
Gap 1 System
Gap 2 System
Gap 3 System
Gap Days
Gap Identification

Gap Trading
Gap Up Formulas
Gap Up System with Delayed Exit
Gilligan's Island Buy
Gilligan's Island Sell
Guppy MMA Exploration from Trading Tactics, part 2
Guppy MMA Indicators
Guppy's MMA Long
Guppy MMA Oscillator
Guppy's MMA Short
GRIIF1 Identification Oscillator

Genesis of a Simple Futures Trading System

Hi Low Wave Daily
Historical Volatility Daily
Historical Volatility Weekly

Higher Closes
Higher Volume Exploration
Highest High Since Buy Signal
High Low
High Volume

Historical Trendlines and Breakouts

Improved Chandeleir Exit
Instantaneous Trendline & Sinewave Indicator as described by John Ehlers
Instantaneous Trendline and Sinewave Indicator
Investor Preference Index

Jack Landis' Weighted Stochastic
Jeff Cooper 180's Buy
Jeff Cooper 180's Sell
Jeff Cooper Lizards Buy
Jeff Cooper Lizards Sell

Jeff Cooper Slingshots Buy
Jeff Cooper Slingshots Sell
Jeff Cooper Whoops Sell
Jim's Uptrender
John Hunt's Exploration for Metastock

KA Money Flow System
Karnish Bollinger Band Histogram Trading System

Kurtosis Indicator

Kauffman's Adaptive RSI
Krausz's Gann Swing HiLow Activator

Keltner Channels

Linear Regression Slope
Linking Metastock Updates to Excel Files
Lone Ranger

Linear Regression Trendline

LRS-ROC Indicator--another one
LSS Oscillator & Pivot Point

Last Date Exploration

MACD Additions
MACD Crossover Buy Signal
MACD Crossover System test in MetaStock, an example of how to create
MACD Custom
MACD Histogram Divergence
MACD Offset
MACD Tops and Bottoms
Mark Brown Band2 Study
Market Pressure - Ultimate
McClellan Oscillator
McClellan Summation Index
Metastock % Bands Revised
Metastock Adjustable Trading Bands
Metastock Automatic Trendline Formula
Metastock Custom Indicator Moving Averages
Metastock Expert Commentary by Michael Arnoldi
Metastock SAR Exploration

Market Facilitation Index
Market Facilitation Index Expert Advisor
Market Thrust Oscillator
Martin Pring's KST Formulas
Mass Index

MACD Crossover System

Metastock-Stocks Closing Above 60 Day High
Mick's Breakout Exploration
Miesal Indicator
Mixed Balance Point Krause Update
Modified 50 Day Moving Average
Modified Williams %R Metastock Indicator
Money Flow Index
MovAvg Asymmetric Volatility Price Bands
Moving Average Channel
Moving Average Crossover---Bullish
Moving Average Crossovers
Moving Average Violated By %
MTF-Fixed Balance Point
MTF Tendency Update
Multipart Formulas
Mutated Variables, Volatility and a New Market Paradigm
My version of Tushar Chande's Vidya using the P variable

McGinley Dynamic
Modified VIX Indicator
Morris Double Momentum Indicator
Moving Average of Only One Day of the Week

Missing trading days
Momentum - normalized
Momentum, LRS-smoothed

Natenberg's Volatility
NR4 Formula from Trading Tactics page 100

One Day Money Flow
Overbrought/Over Sold

OBV Volatility

Panic Selling
Performance Daily
Performance Intra Day and Daily
Persistance of Money Flow
PFE Indicator
Plotting Forward Days

Percent Above/Below Moving Average
Plotting Alpha and Beta
Polarized Fractual Efficiency

Psychology Index

Presto's Magic Box (a tweaked version of the Darvis Box)
Price Action Indicator (PAIN)
Price and Volume Breakout
Pring's Daily KST Buy
Projected Range

Price Oscillator Wave
Price Volume Rank
Price Volume Trend Stochastic

Pathfinder Trading System
Periodicity detector

Rally Gap and Inside Day
Range High
Recursive Moving Trend Average
Regression Asymmetric Volatile Price Band
Resistance and Support
Resistance and Support *F

Random Walk Index
Rate of Change Since a Specific Date
Regression Oscillator and Slope/Close Indicator
Relative Strength Index (RSI) Custom

RSI, sine-weighted smoothed
RSI - Stochastic-normalized
Random trade generator

ROC Moving Average System Test
RSI and Moving Averages
RSI Divergence
RSI Divergence Exploration
RSI Offset
Ruggerio's Trend

Relative Volatility Index (RVI)
R-squared, Chande and Kroll's
Rule of 7 Oscillator

Rainbow Charts
Regress Slope/Money Flow Index/Time Series Forecast

Same Direction
Setting up the ADX Template
Shark-32 System, Walter Downs
Shark Pattern
Shifted TSMA Indicator
Short term horizontal trading ranges
Sideways Channels Exploration
Signal Formulas
Sine Weighted Moving Average
SIROC Indicator From Elder
Slope of a Linear Regression Line
Special Trix

Stix Indicator
Short Volume Wave
Slope of a Line
Standard Error Bands for MetaStock for Win
Simple Moving Average with Resistance and Support

Stochastic and RSI System
Stochastic MA System
Stochastic Momentum
Stochastic Momentum Indicator
StochPVT Indicators
Stoch RSI
Stop Loss Indicator
ST Oscillator
Starc Band
Support and Resistance
Support and Resistance Levels
System Test Examples

Stochastic %D
Stochastic Wave Long
Stochastic Wave Short
Support and Resistance
Smoothing Techniques for More Accurate Signals

Stock Rhythm System 
Schaff Trend Cycle Oscillator
Signal accumulator
Smart System design - Long

TASC Trader's Tip: Volatility % Indicator (Dec '97)
Tema PV Binary Wave
Tema PV Binary Wave and Tema QStick Formulas--use of
Tema StochRSI Formula
Three inside Days
Tom Demark's Range Expansion Index
Trading the Trend 1

The New Advance Decline Line
Tick Line Momentum Oscillator
Trading Channel Index

Trailing Stop - Elder's SafeZone
Trailing Stop - MetaStock
Trendline - adjustable

Trading the Trend 2
Trailing Stop Loss Indicator
Trending Bandini
True Range Formula
True Strength Index
TSF Optimised Trading System for Metastock
TSI and TSI Moving Average

Trendline Formula
Tushar Chande's Target Price
Tushar Chande's Vidya with Volatility Bands

Up 20% on Double Average Volume
Variable MA Formula- Updated
Vidya 21, 5
Vidya Explanation
Vidya using P variable, version I
Vidya with P variable, version II
Volatility % Indicator

Volatility Difference

Volatility Trade in Gold
Volatility Bands as a Long Term Strategy
Volatility Over 16 Weeks
Volume Accumulation Percentage
Volume Based Exploration

Volume Oscillator Wave

Weakness In A Strong Trend
Weekly Indicators
Weekly Pivot Point
Weekly Trix Moving Average Test
Wilders ATR From Equis

Weekly High Low Wave
Weekly Oscillator Segment

WillSpread by Larry Williams
Working with DMI
Writing Metastock Explorations
WRO and WSO Indicators

Weekly Price Oscillator
Wilder's Volatility

Zero Lag EMA
Zero Lag MACD
Zero Lag MACD Trigger Signal

Zig Zag Validity
Zigzag Validity Indicator

ZigZag - Hi/Lo

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