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From time to time I create screen capture videos for my newsletter subscribers. These videos allow me to "tell it how it is". They're completely unedited, so there's plenty of "ummms" and "ahhs", but the content is superb - even if I do say so myself ;-)

Don't take my word for it here's what others say:


"Wow. Interesting video. I played it with skepticism, wondered where it was going and then got totally absorbed in what you were saying. I really liked hearing how you yourself were going about things rather than hearing how one might create wealth theoretically. "

Allison - Private Trader

"That's the most SOLID advice I've seen in a long, long time!! THANKS!!!"

Hank - Private Trader

"Dave wanted to say, great video! Your spot on with your views about keeping it across trading,business, and "real"."

Marcus - Private Trader

“Nice video Dave. Along the lines we all want to go along
Well done "

Charles - Private Trader

"Dave, Please excuse the pun but after watching your video all I could think of t o describe what you discussed was "right on the money". Excellent advice."

Gerard - Private Trader

"I think the video was very eye opener and made me think about what I am doing now, how does it compare with the video scheme and also found interesting the final remarks about the focus on one thing. Thank and keep looking for the next one. ”

Gerardo – Private Trader

"I love it. Though you are much more advance in your journey, I felt I can still relate to what you are saying. Thanks a lot. ”

Ysmael – Private Trader

"Thank you for caring about people. It matters."

Ian – Private Trader

“I think your video was excellent. It was simple, clear, and straight to the point. The subject matter was good also. Your business model is very similar to how I organize my businesses.”

Gregory – Private Trader

“Very interesting & helpful video, thanks... Simply structured, easy to understand, general guide on how to possibly plan your financial set up... ”

Dave – Private Trader

"I am very impressed with your video, not because it was something wow and new to me, but because it was the copy of MYSELF! It hit me straight to my heart."

Angel – Private Trader

“I just watch your video and it was very helpful and I think it is a great tool to mentor your students or to deal with a specific subject etc, I like your honesty. ”

Peter – Private Trader

"The video - loved it. Loved your spontaneity. And what you say makes so much sense."

Robin – Private Trader

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