You Have To Take Responsibility As A Stock Trader

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The way to avoid responsibility as a stock trader is to adopt a trading style that is random

Becoming a stock trader can be characterized as a personal choice with an immediate outcome. Remember, nothing happens until we decide to start; it lasts as long as we want; and it doesn't end until we decide to stop. All of these beginnings, middles, and endings of being a stock trader are the result of our interpretation of the information available and how we choose to act on our interpretation.

Now, we may want the freedom to make choices, but that doesn't mean we are ready and willing to accept the responsibility for the outcomes of being a professional stock trader.

Stock traders who are not ready to accept responsibility for the outcomes of their interpretations and actions will find themselves in a dilemma: How do you participate in an activity that allows complete freedom of choice, and at the same time avoid taking responsibility if the outcomes of being a stock trader are poor?

The reality of being a stock trader is that, if you want to create consistency, you have to start from the premise that no matter what the outcome, you are completely responsible. Not the market, not the economy, not world events – you.

The way to avoid responsibility if you are a stock trader is to adopt a trading style that is, to all intents and purposes, random. Random trading can be defined as poorly planned trades, or trades that are not planned at all. Being a stock trader that has an unorganized approach that doesn’t allow you to find out what works on a consistent basis and what doesn’t.

Randomness is unstructured freedom without responsibility. When a stock trader trades without well-defined plans and with an unlimited set of variables, it's very easy to take credit for the trades that turn out to their liking, because in our minds we used some kind of method, however poorly defined.

If the market's behavior were truly random, then it would be difficult if not impossible to create consistency being a stock trader. If it's impossible to be consistent, then we really don't have to take responsibility. The problem with this logic is that our direct experience of the markets tells us something different. The same behavior patterns present themselves over and over again. Even though the outcome of each individual pattern is random, the outcome of a series of patterns is consistent and statistically reliable.

That may seem like a paradox, but it’s a paradox that can be overcome with a disciplined, organized, and consistent approach. Many stock traders spend hours doing market analysis and planning trades for the next day. Then, instead of making the trades they planned, they do something else. The trades they make are usually ideas from friends or tips from brokers. By making unstructured, random trades, they are able to avoid responsibility.

Why? When you act on your own ideas, you put our abilities as a stock trader on the line and get instant feedback on how well your ideas worked. It's difficult to rationalize away any unsatisfactory results, since they’re the direct results of your effort, logic, and ideas as a stock trader. On the other hand, when you enter an unplanned, random trade, it's much easier to shift the responsibility by blaming your friend or broker for their bad ideas. The nature of trading itself also makes it easy to escape the responsibility that comes with creating structure in favor of trading randomly.

Any stock trader has the potential to be a winner, whether you’re a great analyst or a poor one, and whether you do or don't take responsibility. It takes a lot of effort to create and follow a disciplined approach that will make you a consistent winner as a stock trader. It's very easy to avoid the mental work required to follow a disciplined, logical approach… and that’s why most people do.

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