Part 1: Rational Analysis And Stock Market Trading

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If technical analysis works so well, why don’t more people involved in stock market trading consistently make money?

Once an investor involved in stock market trading learns to identify patterns and read the market, there are limitless opportunities to make money. But, as I'm sure you already know, there can also be a huge gap between what you understand about stock market trading and your ability to transform that knowledge into consistent profits and a steadily rising equity curve.

Think about the number of times you've looked at a price chart and said to yourself, "Hmmm, it looks like the market is going up (or down)," and what you thought was going to happen actually happened. But you didn’t actually make a trade, and you anguished over all the money you could have made through stock market trading.

There's a big difference between predicting that something will happen in stock market trading (and thinking about all the money you could have made), and the reality of actually getting into and out of trades. The difference a mental gap that can make stock market trading one of the most difficult endeavors you could choose to undertake – and certainly one of the toughest to master.

The big question is: Can stock market trading be mastered? Is it possible to actually trade with the same ease and simplicity you feel when you’re only watching the market and having theoretical success, as opposed to actually executing trades? Not only can you, but that's exactly what this article is designed to give you: insight and understanding you need about yourself and about the nature of stock market trading. So the result is that actually doing it becomes as easy, simple, and stress-free as when you are just watching the market and thinking about doing it.

This may seem like a tall order, and to some of you it may even seem impossible. But it's not. There are people who have mastered the art of stock market trading, who have closed the gap between the possibilities available and their bottom-line performance. But as you might expect, these winners are relatively few in number compared with the number of people involved in stock market trading who experience varying degrees of frustration, wondering why they can't create consistent success.

There are two types of people involved in stock market trading: those who consistently make money, and those who don’t. Traders who have learned to be consistent make significant sums of money in the market every year.

Surprisingly, most of the stock market trading industry’s failures are also bright and accomplished people. The largest group of consistent losers is composed primarily of doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, CEOs, wealthy retirees, and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, most of the best market analysts are the worst at stock market trading.

Intelligence and good market analysis can certainly contribute to success in stock market trading, but they are not the defining factors that separate the consistent winners from everyone else. So if it isn't intelligence or better analysis, then what could it be? The best traders think differently from everyone else.

That doesn't sound profound, but it does have profound implications if you consider what it means to think differently. To one degree or another, all of us think differently from everyone else, especially when it comes to stock market trading. We may not always be mindful of this fact; it seems natural to assume that other people share our perceptions and interpretations of events. In fact, this assumption continues to seem valid until we find ourselves in a basic, fundamental disagreement with someone about something we both experienced. Other than our physical features, the way we think is what makes us unique, probably even more unique than our physical features do.

Let's get back to stock market trading. What is different about the way the best traders think as opposed to how those who are still struggling think? While the markets can be described as an arena of endless opportunities, the markets simultaneously confront the individual with some of the most sustained, adverse psychological conditions a person can be exposed to while stock market trading.

At some point, everyone involved in stock market trading learns something about the markets that will indicate when opportunities exist. But learning how to identify an opportunity to buy or sell does not mean that you have learned to think like a trader.

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