Education & Resources For A Stock Investment Club

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Your Stock Investment Club Will Need The Proper Resources If It Is To Succeed

A stock investment club is about as much about learning about the ins and outs of investing as they are about delivering profits. However, without a clear education program in place, a club can find itself dabbling in various areas without ever creating a real sense of understanding with the stock investment club members.

This is an easy result to understand. There is simply so much to learn about investing, from the different markets, to the regulations, to how to use NAIC's Stock Selection Guide. A stock investment club can help you with all these things.

When your stock investment club is just starting out you’ll want to have educational material that is going to give all the members an overview of how investing works. As members become more experienced and knowledgeable about investing, you’ll want your educational program to become more focussed.

That focus should be determined by the clubs Education officer, or Vice-President, with the input of the stock investment club members. Find out what people are interested in learning about, and where they feel they need to know more. No matter where you are in the level of education material that you’re looking at you’ll want to have a definite plan about what you want to learn.

Your stock investment club should start out slow with your educational program and build up. You may want to start by learning about the different types of stock analysis, and getting a feel for how the many different tools are used. There may be times when you want to ask a guest speaker to your stock investment club meetings to give you first hand experience of the investing world. This is a great way to get information that you can actively use in your own stock investment club. Experienced investors can give you an overview of their own investing guidelines and advice.

The stock investment club could also consider organizing a field trip to a stock exchange, or perhaps use a pop quiz to shake things up a little. As long as all the members of the stock investment club are involved, the education component of your meeting will be a vital part of the club experience.

There are a number of places on the internet where you can learn more about investing, some of which are geared specifically to a stock investment club. Here are a few links to some of the sites I have found to be the most useful.

National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC)
This site has a wealth of information about investing in general and about a stock investment club. It’s a good site to start with.

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
This website has good basic information about stock investment club regulations.
Securities and Exchange Commission
Office of Investor Education and Assistance
450 Fifth Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20549-0213

This is a good online source of useful information for investment clubs. Specific clubs have websites through Bivio which often post their own education programs, and other insights they have into running a stock investment club.

The Motley Fool
This site has a wide variety of investment information, including a section on investment clubs.
Another education site covering all aspects investing.

Investment Calculators
These tools can help you calculate a variety of information that includes the future value and present value of stocks.

These are only a few of the many information resources available online to your stock investment club. They are a great way to kick start your education program, to find ideas for topics to study, and to find answers to any investing questions your club members might have.

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