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How Online Stock Day Traders Can Become More Successful

Many online stock day traders feel like they can't trust the markets; but really, what they can't trust is themselves. These online stock day traders often assume that more and better analysis will lead them to consistent profits. When you operate by that idea, you are driven to gather as many market variables as possible into your arsenal of trading tools. But what happens then? You find you’re still disappointed and “betrayed” by the markets because of something you didn't see or give enough consideration to, and you lose your confidence.

Confidence and fear are states of mind that stem from online stock day traders beliefs and attitudes. To be confident while you’re functioning in an environment where online stock day traders can easily lose more than they intend to risk requires absolute trust in yourself. Without this trust, online stock day traders will be functioning in a fog caused by fear. But it’s difficult to be confident in the market.

To become self-assured, online stock day traders need to relearn some of the basic assumptions about cause and effect. Most online stock day traders natural inclination is to think in ways that are counterproductive to being consistently successful in the markets. Simply learning how to analyze the market’s behaviour is not the only skill you need. You also need to deal with the uncertainty of the market. Online stock day traders have two ways of approaching this: they can try to eliminate risk by learning about as many market variables as possible. Or, online stock day traders can learn how to redefine your trading activities so that they truly accept the risk they are encountering and they're no longer afraid.

When online stock day traders achieve a state of mind where they truly accept the risk of trading, they won't define and interpret market information in demoralizing ways. When online stock day traders eliminate these kinds of interpretations, they also eliminate the tendency to rationalize, hesitate, or jump the gun; to hope that the market will give them money, or to hope that the market will save them from your inability to cut your losses.

As long as online stock day traders are susceptible to rationalizing, justifying, hesitating, and jumping the gun, they will not be able to trust themselves. If online stock day traders can't trust themselves to be objective and to always act in their own best interests, achieving consistent results will be next to impossible. Trying to do something like trading, that looks so simple, may well be the most frustrating thing online stock day traders ever attempt. The irony is that when you have acquired an online stock day traders mind-set and can remain confident in the face of constant uncertainty, trading will be as easy and simple as you probably thought it was when you first started out.

So, what’s the solution? Online stock day traders need to learn how to adjust their attitudes and beliefs about trading so they can trade without fear… but at the same time keep a framework in place that keeps them from becoming reckless. Successful online stock day traders are something you have to grow into. Growth implies expansion, learning, and creating a new way of expressing yourself.

Good online stock day traders have to learn to change. This is true even if you already know successful online stock day traders and are reading this article to become more successful. Many of the new ways in which you will learn to express yourself will be in direct conflict with ideas and beliefs you presently hold about the nature of trading. You may or may not be aware of some of these beliefs. In any case, what you currently hold to be true about the nature of trading will argue to keep things just the way they are, in spite of your frustrations and unsatisfying results. These internal arguments are natural. Being willing to consider other possibilities will make the learning process faster and easier.

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