Part 2: Successful Futures Trading Means Taking Losses In Your Stride

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Stay Flexible in your Futures Trading Career

Staying flexible while futures trading requires that you stay detached and unemotional about your trades. No matter how strongly you feel about your analysis of your futures trading, you have to be willing to change that opinion and act quickly if necessary.

To be successful in futures trading, you must realize that bad trades reduce the gains made from past trades and potential gains from future trades. Successful traders change their minds quickly and easily, and are not concerned about whether they were “right” or “wrong.” They’re concerned with maximizing their gains and minimizing their losses – and to minimize losses, they have to be willing to quickly change their minds. Remember: the more flexible you are, the more successful you will be at futures trading.

In Futures Trading you must Look Before you Leap
One of the most common mistakes you can make in futures trading is to trade when you see an opportunity that you think might be too good to miss.

Jumping into a position based on a hunch, or on the belief that you may be missing an opportunity while futures trading, is no different than gambling. Almost every investor at one time or another has felt a rush of greed or enthusiasm for a trade – based solely on the desire not to miss out on a great opportunity that might be available.

You have to practice self-discipline to be a success at futures trading. Apply skill and logic to your futures trading. Learn every day, and use what you know to make intelligent decisions on every trade. Successful traders don’t worry about missing out – they focus on making intelligent decisions.

Don’t Passively Follow “Expert” Advice to be Successful in Futures Trading
Blindly following the investment advice of a broker or analyst is foolish and self-destructive. Oftentimes, the broker’s self-interest is completely different from yours, because the broker gets paid when you are futures trading, whether it’s a good trade or not. He or she wants you to trade.

Analysts may have inside knowledge or years worth of experience, but in the end their opinions on the markets are just that – opinions. You must take responsibility for your trades and therefore your money to be successful at futures trading. Learn, stay focused and disciplined, and make your own judgments about futures trading.

To be Successful at futures trading, you can’t be Affected by Mood Swings
Many involved in futures trading get excited when their positions are making money, and they increase their stake in the position. Then, when the price goes down, they panic and sell. Emotional traders are affected by the highs and lows of gains and losses, and fail to stick to their plans and their strategies.

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