Tips For Successful Free Stock Trades - Part 1

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Simple Advice On Free Stock Trades That You Must Follow

There is no one-size-fits all solution in free stock trades. You will have your most successful free stock trades with a system that is customized to fit your needs, your style of trading and your risk comfort level. Then you need the discipline to follow your system, capital to work with and a willingness to approach all free stock trades with energy and enthusiasm.

That being said, there are always a few things you can watch for. A few pointers that will help you steer clear of mistakes and keep you on the path to success with your free stock trades. I’ve gathered some of these useful tips in this article. Keep them in mind for when you’re uncertain what to do, and incorporate them into your system. They will make a difference to your free stock trades.

1. Never add to a position that is losing. This is one of the few rules of free stock trades that you should never break. If you’re losing money on a position exit the trade, don’t add to it. This is how small losses become large losses – which leads to traders having no more free stock trades.

2. Always set your stop losses and decide when you will take profits before you enter your free stock trades. Place stops that are based on market information, and not your account balance. If a "proper" stop is too expensive for you, don’t take part in the free stock trades. Be sure to decide when you are going to take your profits and follow through on it. Successful traders are successful because they keep their losses small, and they take their profits often.

3. Pay attention to the market. Exit and enter free stock trades based on market information. Don’t wait for a price you think the currency should hit when the market has changed direction on you.

4. There are times when, due to a lack of liquidity or excessive volatility, you should not be taking part in the free stock trades at all. On a similar note, never trade when you are sick. You can’t count on yourself to be alert to the shifts of the markets, and make good decisions.

5. Free stock trades systems that work in an up market may not work in a down market, and a free stock trades system that works for trending markets, or for range bound markets may not work in other markets. Have a free stock trades system for each type of market.

6. Up market and down market patterns are ALWAYS there, but you have to look for the dominant trends. Always select free stock trades that move with the trends

7. During the blowout stage of the free stock trades market, either up or down, the risk managers are usually issuing margin call position liquidation orders. They don't generally check the screen to see what’s overbought or oversold; they just keep issuing liquidation orders. Make sure you stay out of their way.

8. Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong about certain free stock trades, don’t make them. It’s better to be superstitious than to loose money.

9. Rumour is king. Buy when you hear the rumour, sell when you hear the news.

10. The first and last tick are always the most expensive. Get in the free stock trades market late, and out early. And never trade in the direction of a gap, either opening or closing.

11. When everyone else is in, it's time for you to get out. If a stock or currency is overbought, it’s time to exit your position.

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