What Real Traders Make...
and you can too.

When I tell people I often make over 100% per annum in the stock market they look at me is disbelief. Why? Probably because they have been told by their, friendly financial advisor, the normal B*S* when it comes to what you realistically expect from the stock market.
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You know the kind of drivel we hear every day from these so called "experts" who have probably never read a book on stock trading never mind actually traded their own accounts. Words such as:

"Invest for the long term"
Usually after your portfolio is down about 50%

"Buy and Hold Blue Chip Stocks"
Their favorite stock has fallen 90% in the past 6 months.

"Even the best funds rarley outperform the stock averages"
The fact is most do not even perform with the averages.

"Trading is risky and only professionals should do it"

Right.... Then why do so many fail dismally at it?

"No-one can outperform the stock market averages"

Trying to make you feel better after you see your pension fund is now down over 50% and you'll have to work an extra five years.

I don't see too many money managers worrying about trying to outperfrom the market. Do you ever ask your-self why not? They'll tell you it can't be done. WRONG. The fact is they get paid for MANAGING your money not from trying to create money for you.

If you don't think outstanding returns can be made from the stock markets then read on:

Michael Marcus: Turned a $30,000 account into over $80 MILLION
Tom Baldwin: $25,000 into over $2 Billion
Paul Tudor Jones: Triple digit returns five years in a row.
Ed Seykota: 250,000 percent return on his account over 16 years!

Shall I carry on? Let's do so.

Richard Dennis: Turned a $2,000 into $200 Million.
Nicolas Darvas: $25,000 into $2,25 million (in 18 months)
Jesse Livermore: $500 - $100 million - $0 - $100, million - ZERO....
Michael Lauer: Provided investors with a 50-fold return over seven years.
Mark Cook: Registered back to back gains of 563% and 322%.
Steve Lescarbeau: Trading system that has averaged a 70% return ever year.
Steve Cohen: Manages billions of dollars and averaged returns of 90% during the past seven years
Mark Minervini: Averaged 220% annual returns in the past five years.

O.K, Your first question might be who are these people?

They are real peole, who not only make massive gains from the markets but do it with millions under management. And no these aren't day traders.

So the next time your mutual fund manager tries to fob you off with an excuse as to why he could not even match the stock market averages tell him about some of those traders listed above.

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