Book Review
Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom

By Dr. Van Tharp

Dr. Tharps book is one of the finest trading volumes written in the past ten years. While some books are chock full of hazy trading axioms and incoherent discussions of technical indicators, Tharps book is clear and meaningful.

Tharp evaluates everything from Warren Buffetts "system" to neural networks. Even though there is a thorough examination of technical and fundamental entry points (including a brief segment on the techniques of the mysteriously successful Turtle Traders).

The point of the book is to deemphasize entry and focus on position sizing & the value of following your own system.

By describing R-Multiples, stop losses, and profit-taking exits, Tharp discusses a subject overlooked by 99% of market manuals, answering questions such as: 

- What do I do if my position declines? Where do I sell?
- When do I know that the market move is over and take a profit?
- How much do I risk on any one trade?

Investors and traders will be surprised to learn that you can create a very profitable system that is "correct" only 30% of the time, while you can also have a very unprofitable system that is correct 90% of the time.

In this respect, Tharps book is profound, teaching individuals the real secret Holy Grail of trading and how virtually any concept can make money with a few simple rules.

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