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"If You Can Copy And Paste, Then You Have What It Takes To Quickly And Easily Master Metastock And Identify Profitable Trading Opportunities— Once You Know The Secrets."

After sell out seminars around Australia, from the authors of the acclaimed MetaStock Programming Study Guide, the secrets anyone can use to master MetaStock & send your profits soaring... The Perfect MetaStock Programming Study Guide Companion.

From: David 'The MetaStock Expert' Jenyns
Melbourne, Australia. Monday 2:37 pm.

David Presenting @ the
MetaStock Secrets Seminar
Dear Friend,

If you’re anything like 99% of all MetaStock users, you probably use less than a fraction of MetaStock's full potential. In fact, I'm willing to bet you probably don't even know any of MetaStock's secrets...

In my opinion, that's a bad investment!

MetaStock has the ability to identify profitable trading opportunities, no matter what direction the market trades. The truth is, you're cutting yourself out of a huge amount of trading profits.

It’s not your fault though, the MetaStock manual just doesn’t cut it and if you’re like me you probably learn best when someone can show you step-by-step how to master Metastock.

Believe me, you're not alone! Almost *all* MetaStock users feel the same and that's why earlier this year I though "enough is enough!"

I contacted my MetaStock Programming Study Guide partner, Stuart Mcphee, and we decided to team up once again putting on a series of MetaStock training events like no other.

We wanted to "spill the beans" on all we knew about mastering MetaStock.

After trading for 7+ years, coaching clients for 4+ years and selling the MetaStock Programming Study Guide for 2+ years, we knew exactly the questions you wanted answered.

In hindsight, I think this is what made these seminars soo successful.

Here's the bad news!

Unfortunately, due to venue limitations, only a handful of traders made it into our $179 sold-out workshops.

Was The Seminar Really Worth The $179-A-Head Investment?

Just a sidenote, we had ZERO refunds for our $179 workshop. We offered a 100% moneyback guarantee that they could come and sit in on the entire workshop risk-free. Not ONE refund. Most other seminars get several refunds.

But I'll let the attendees speak for themselves...

"The quantum of information & more importantly inferred know-how that could be developed was colossal."

"As a new trader the seminar increased my knowledge, insight and enthusiasm immeasurably.The quantum of information & more importantly inferred know-how that could be developed was colossal. Although the delivery was expertly executed I have been hopeful of attending a repeat seminar to soak up all the sublties of the class room I missed the first time. I'll try the DVD."

Geoff Henry, Perth, Australia.

"...made me realise that I was not using the program to it's full extent"

"The presentation of the seminar here in Perth was first class, the subject matter covered was first rate, as it gave me an insight into MetaStock that I was unable to achieve on my own.

Of particular interest to me was the coverage of the Exploration feature of MetaStock, plus the explanation of other features such as the scanning feature. Generally I would say from my use of MetaStock for some 3 years, the seminar made me realise that I was not using the program to it's full extent, and am now generally a little more comfortable with some more of it's power.

Thank you for a very enjoyable learning experience."

Michael Fitzmaurice, Perth, Australia.

"Oh but I wish I'd learned this 5 years ago."

"I thoroughly enjoyed your lectures at the recent weekend seminar. Information was given in a crystal clear easy to understand way. And the content - wow! ... Oh but I wish I'd learned this 5 years ago."

Donald.S - Private Trader - Melbourne, Australia

"you owe it to yourself to attend the course"

"If you have Metastock, you owe it to yourself to attend the course for maximum benefit. The course is well conducted. A lot of handouts and exercises are provided to enhance your understanding. Highly recommended".

Michael Goh - Private Trader- Sydney, Australia

"I found the course enlightening."

"I found the course enlightening and realised that Metastock is more than one function that I was using.

The way you presented the course was excellent, assuming all attendees had some knowledge but room to learn more.

Thank you again."

Peter Vanolini - Private Trader - Sydney, Australia

"the seminar fills the huge need..."

"I thought the seminar was excellent in it's presentation, organisation and the massive amount of information given that night. I believe the seminar fills the huge need for a way to deal with the Metastock software in relation to using it more fully especially in relation to programming. It made something I otherwise found overwhelming and confusing become manageable, useful and therefore profitable."

Louise Walton - Private Trader

"Finding someone who is skilled at using Metastock & who is prepared to share that knowledge is difficult. David has the knowledge & he shares it."

Daryl Guppy - Professional Trader & Educator

If You Missed Out On Our Workshop, Now Here's A Second Chance To "Cash In."

(And Get It Cheaper Than What Original Live Attendees Paid!)

You see, we recorded the event....

Introducing the MetaStock Secrets Seminar DVD.

We spent 2 months editing the videos and writing all the documentation and now you can watch the entire MetaStock Secrets Seminar from the comfort of your own home!

Let's take a closer look at what we covered in this awesome 2.5 hour seminar...

The amazingly simple secret that will unlock Metastock for you (see 17:30 in chapter 3).

How to automate your trading system & remove the emotion previously involved with trading (see 1:59:30 in chapter 10).

Why the professionals use the Relative Strength Comparison (RSC) and don’t want you to know about. We actually provide you with the coding to this powerful exploration
(see 2:14:05 in chapter 11).

How to best utilise the 4 major tools within Metastock i.e. The Indicator Builder, The Explorer, The Expert Advisor, and The System Tester.

How to develop profitable trading systems that scan thousands of securities, for high probability trading opportunities (see 1:59:30 in chapter 10).

And there's LOTS MORE.

I've uploaded a few video clips (below) from the DVD so that you can get a sneak peak at some of the things covered.

And here's the minute by minute break down of the DVD:

0:00:04 Intro
0:02:30 MetaStock Language Basics
0:19:56 Exercise 1 - Applications
0:26:57 Popular Functions
0:57:28 Exercise 2 - Applications
1:06:29 Indicator Builder Revealed
1:22:06 System Tester Flaws
1:36:30 Expert Advisor Hints & Tips
1:59:30 Explorer Secrets
2:14:05 RSC Explained
2:31:44 Conclusion

Looks comprehensive doesn't it?

That's not all, I want you to receive the same package the live seminar attendees received. So you will also receive the very same valuable bonuses they received (valued @ $169).
Let's take a look at them in more detail....

Comprehensive Study Notes ($60 Value)

Receive the exact same 50 page printed manual the seminar attendees received. It's a critical component of this package and it will further cement your understanding, helping develop your new MetaStock skills.

It's filled with loads of examples, applications and free code. What more can I say other than... "you need this manual".

FREE Email Consultations ($80 Value) 

Both Stuart and I believe that it’s very important to make sure you get the very most from your Metastock Secrets DVD. And that's why we’ve decided to include a FREE email consultation.
I'm the good looking guy on the left ;-)

So whether you're having trouble coding something up or maybe you just want us to take a look at something... with this consultation you’ll have two of the sharpest Metastock minds around at your disposal.

Usually we charge $80 (at minimum) per consultation, but through this offer, you get one FREE!

To see just how valuable these consultations are click here to download a past collection of email consultations.

So What Would You Pay To Master MetaStock?

When you consider how much trading profit you’re potentially missing out on or that I used to charge $300 per hour for MetaStock coaching, this package would be worth upwards of $1000.

Even the live seminar attendees believe they got a bargain at $179...
but the good news is, you can get it even cheaper than what they paid!

This very special DVD offer is only $149AUD

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but, if that wasn't enough.... It's Tax-Deductible!

The price of the MetaStock Secrets DVD may be tax-deductible for clients who use it as part of their trading or investing activities. This means the after-tax cost of could be as little as half the prices quoted. Consult your Tax Adviser to see if this applies to you.

Are you still thinking about it?

100% Risk Free Guarantee

Don't say 'yes' right now. Just say 'maybe.'

If we have not delivered everything we promised and more, then simply let us know and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. We’re confident you’ll have invested your money wisely.

I can't be any fairer than that. So go ahead and secure your copy now!
I really hope you're in a position to take advantage of this opportunity.

Ready To Discover The Secrets Of MetaStock?

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