Which MetaStock Data Should You Choose?

5 questions you must ask a MetaStock data provider before you buy their service.

1. Do they support multiple markets?
You want a service that gives you the ability to trade multiple markets (eg. stocks, forex, options).

2. Do they provide fast download & data distribution?

You want to spend your time identifying profitable trading opportunities rather than waiting for your data to download.

3. Do they provide automatic database maintenance?
You don't want to be mucking around with MetaStock's cumbersome "Downloader". Find a provider that looks after splits, name changes and additions.

4. Do they provide the ability to quickly and easily create custom folders?
You want flexibility with your data, enabling you to conduct more efficient analysis. This will ultimately save you hours of time in the long run.

5. Is the MetaStock data provider here to stay?
You want a data provider tha's in it for the long haul - avoid the hassle of changing providers.

I recommend you do your research and use the above questions to find a reliable, affordable and easy to use MetaStock data provider.

Alternatively, you can save yourself the hard work because we've done it for you. As you would expect we've tested just about every data provider around. See which one data provider we recommend...

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Finally, there is an all in one data solution for stock, futures and foreign exchange, for markets in Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, UK & USA.
  It's a total data management system.

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