Book Review
Market Wizards

By Jack Schwager

When Jack Schwager set out to write Market Wizards it was his goal to find the "secret to their success" of the most well known traders of all time. And that's exactly what he did...

Not surprisingly, he found there was no one secret to successfully making a lot of money from the markets. Jack Schwager found that each trader had their own, unique style of trading.

Most importantly, Jack Schwager found that each trader traded a method which suited his/her own personality. This, it was established, was the "secret" to making a fortune in the markets. Not the system, method, or markets traded... the real secret is in finding and becoming one of the very best traders at one METHOD of trading.

Through his extensive research here is what Schwager was left to believe:

- The markets are not random becasue they are built on human psychology.

- There is no holy Grail but there are methods that can lead to superior profits.

- There are many ways to make money from the markets.

- The markets are always changing, yet they are always the same.

- The secret to success lies within the individual.

- To excel in trading requires talent and extremely hard work.

Success in trading is a worthy goal and 'Market Wizards' is truly required reading for any aspiring trader. It’s recognized as being one of the all time classics. So heed its, advice and don't try to copy the individual traders' method but understand the process they went through in order to achieve success. This is where you will find your answers.

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