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Still Not Sure? Here's the,
"An invaluable soure of information & programming tips."

“I have been using your well-written and easy-to-follow Metastock Programming Study Guide for about six months now, and find it to be an invaluable source of information and programming tips.

I strongly recommend it to any beginning/intermediate programmer working with this platform. Thank you for your excellent contribution to the trader/programmer's tool kit.”

Jan Arps - Professional Trader & Educator

"In the Metastock Program Study Guide David has shown he has the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the way you use Metastock."

Daryl Guppy - Professional Trader & Educator 

"I now understand the language very well & have been happily creating & refining my own scans almost daily"

"Having just purchased Metastock, I was very much a beginner. I had used it to import my data and to view my charts, but I had never actually used the programming language. I had copied a couple of indicator formulas from some of the internet trading forums, but I had absolutely no idea what they really meant.

I'd heard from friends about how powerful the program could be, but I was putting off learning the language because I was a little intimidated by it.

After working through the Metastock Programming Study Guide I now understand the language very well and have been happily creating and refining my own scans almost daily since then.

The Guide has dramatically increased my confidence and understanding of using Metastock. I also found that some of the concepts presented in the Guide (which I probably would have never thought of myself) have given me ideas which I have continued to build on since completing the Guide.

I think that it's worth every penny and highly recommend it."

Corey McGrath - Private Trader - Australia

"It fills a desperately needed niche in the MetaStock world."

"Your co-authored metastock programming guide is superb. I am working through that now and I really feel it fills a desperately needed niche in the metastock world.

I’m very weak in this area myself and have to get other people to program explorations for me for daily signals and for tradesim. So this book is helping me greatly.

I’ve also recommended it to a few people I’ve met in the trading world without hesitation."

Andrew Ellis - Private Trader - Lantau, Hong Kong

"There are many powerful features in Metastock, that I wasn't aware of, the guide shows you them..."

"MPSG is an excellent guide because it helps you learn how to actually use Metastock. I don't have a programming background, so the easy to use step by step guide, walks you through how to prepare formulas and use them to evaluate your trading ideas.

I found the question and answer section invaluable in my learning experience.

There are many powerful features in Metastock, that I wasn't aware of, the guide shows you them and there are many helpful tips and hints along the way.

There is nothing else like it on the market, congratulations Stuart and David this is great value for mone

Paul Dowsett - Private Trader - Walkley Heights, SA, Australia

"I received the Metastock Programming & Study Guide today. It looks to be exeptionally well prepared and presented."

Thanks much,"

Ed Perry - Private Trader

"Best investment I have made."

"Thank you for the MSPG. It is the best investment I have made. Although I was an experienced user of computer technology and very competent with formula language with spreadsheet use.

I could not figure out how to get them working correctly in Metastock. I wasted months trying to figure out what the formulas were missing.

Thank you for demystifying the program for me. I will now be able to put my investment to good use."

Karen Curtis - Private Trader, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia

"The guide is great and exceeds expectation."

"The guide is great and exceeds expectation. Congrats to you and Stuart for putting together a great book.

I work for a video game software company (Konami) and am in charge of licensing the rights to strategy guidebooks for our games. I have found that there are many fantastic gamers who don't know how to share their game knowledge in writing. And there are many strong writers who just cant get the hang of the video game. Rare is the person able to do both.

My point being that you have done a great job of translating your knowledge of MetaStock into a well organized learning tool, understandable to the average user. Job well done.

I can imagine the hours that were put into pulling the book together and hope that you will be highly rewarded for your work. If you ever need a references or quote, please let me know. I am a very satisfied customer.

Until we are in touch again, best wishes to you in all that you do."

Tim Vogt – Private Trader - Tokyo

"I would recommend this study guide to anyone struggling to use Metastock to its full potential."

"Metastock is a powerful analysis program, but to benefit from its power requires the ability to use its four major tools. I would recommend this study guide to anyone struggling to use Metastock to its full potential."

Peter Collier - Private Trader - Melbourne, Australia

"After reading through your guide at my pace I am now grasping the way formula and how it all comes together so much easier."

"Before I found your MPSG Program I had so much trouble working out formulas and system tests etc. that I could basically only use the program as it was. This became very frustrating to a point of where do I go next.

After reading through your guide at my pace I am now grasping the way formula and how it all comes together so much easier. I have been able to put together some explorations with much more detail and have found some great opportunities to trade.

It has also helped me to put together a trading system with the use of the excel sheet That you supplied. I believe things can only get better from here in.

Thank you very much and I am looking forward for further assistance in the future."

Gary Franke - Private Trader - Cowes, Australia

"After a few hours with you, I could achieve things that I personally had great problems interpreting from the Metastock user manual."

Andrew Morton - Private Trader - Christchurch, New Zealand

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