The Best Of The Best
Affiliate Trading Programs

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Here's a list of the best trading related affiliate programs available. Period. This isn't just a list of every website under the sun. I've only listed the sites that are the best of the best.

All of these programs have been screened with the following criteria in mind:

- Great conversion rates - so you make the maximum amount of money per visitor.
- Excellent marketing material - so you can get started immediately.
- Excellent statistics - so you can keep an eye on how much money your making.
- 2 tier system - so you can get paid for other people's work.
- Free signup - so can get started for nothing & profit almost immediately.

These are the programs that I have book marked and that I am personally involved in. If you're new to affiliate marketing, click here to download my FREE affiliate course.

David's Top Preferred Affiliate Programs

1. Instant Profits is one of the best sites on the internet. It converts extremely well and is suited to every tradable market (stocks, options, forex, etc). The owners are always improving their website through testing and best of all, even though it's a physical product, the affiliate commission is 40%. You make whopping $158.00 per sale . Click Here To Sign Up

2. InvestorFlix is a fantastic service providing a library of 547 trading DVDs & CDs. This program is easy to sell and provides great recurring commissions. You make 20% per sale . The sign up link is at the very bottom of their website. Click Here To Sign Up

3. MarketClub is a futures trading advisory service that sells for $347. It's a fantastic program that pays a 30% recurring commission. The sign up link is at the bottom of their website. Click Here To Sign Up

4. Futures In Motion is a fantastic website that converts extremely well. It's a complete course in futures trading and also includes an advisory service. It pays a whopping $241.80 per subscription . Best of all this is a recurring commission! The sign up link is at the bottom of their website. Click Here To Sign Up

5. Fibonacci Secrets is a comprehensive video CD & manual about Fibonacci trading. This website has an amazingly high conversion rate and is also a fantastic product. Best of all, this program pays up to $150.00 per sale . The sign up link is at the bottom of their website. Click Here To Sign Up

6. Amazing Trading Plans is new, power-packed, step-by-step program, with printed manual and tons of CDs. It's another product that sells no matter what market your selling to. It has a very high commision which pays $121.45 per sale . The sign up link is at the bottom of their website. Click Here To Sign Up

7. 60 Minute Trader is a profitable futures trading system that pays $40.00 per sale. To find the sign up link, it's at the bottom of their webpage where it says "60 Minute Trader Affiliates." Click Here To Sign Up

8. Options University provides a very profitable affiliate program. There's nothing in the market that really compares to their products. Their website converts well and they provide fantastic commisions, it pays 35% per sale . The sign up link is at the bottom of their website. Click Here To Sign Up

9. Stock Market Genie is the only Australian stock trading course I recommend. It has a great sales letter that converts well and pays 35% on $197 . You have to contact them to sign up... but it's well worth it. Click Here To Sign Up

After Joining One Or More Of These Programs...

You're Now One Of My Partners &
Your Success Means My Success.

Therefore, I will do my best to support you. If you need help with anything please let me know.

Here's a quick start tip to get you going...

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