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Originally a biochemist, Tom Aspray started to use his computer and scientific skills to analyze the financial markets in the 1970s. His efforts were so successful that they led to a career shift, and in 1982 Tom became the director of research for a financial firm researching a wide variety of items traded worldwide. Tom did extensive system testing using early versions of CompuTrac. As a result of this research, Tom identified a series of technical studies that he feels work best in all types of markets. In 1985 Tom formed APM Asset Management Corp., which provides advice to individuals and institutions around the world. Many of the techniques he pioneered in the early 1980s are now used by professional analysts industry-wide. In addition, Tom trades real-time, mainly in cash foreign exchange markets—one of the most difficult markets to trade. Tom has recently joined Princeton Economic Institute, Ltd. (PEI) as a capital market analyst. PEI provides institutional consulting services worldwide and has offices in Sydney, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong.

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Avoiding Vegematic Markets - Don't Get Sliced and Diced by Choppy Markets

Expert: Tom Aspray
Type: PDF Workbook MP3 Audio
Running Time: 90 minutes
Workbook Length: 22 pages
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Do the markets you trade ever seem to have no direction while other markets are moving sharply higher or lower? Does this lack of direction cause you to experience a succession of losing trades? Tom Aspray shows you how to avoid these choppy markets and reduce the number of whipsaw trades. He shares with you his new research on applying regression analysis to the directional movement index as a way to isolate trending from non-trending markets. We were particularly pleased that Tom chose TAG 19 as the platform from which to introduce this new work.

Tom uses trading bands to confirm his identification of trending versus choppy markets, and he uses Regress-RSI to select low-risk entry and high-probability exit strategies. Tom provides you with specific formulas as well as a step-by-step procedure that can be utilized immediately to improve your trade selection and accuracy. In addition, Tom discusses the psychological requirements of short-term versus long-term trading so that you can determine which style is best for you.

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