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The Nicholas Darvas Technical Analysis Of Forex Success Story (part 47)

The overwhelming success of my handling of E. L. BRUCE should have made me more eager and less cautious in my technical analysis of forex. Yet, somehow it made me more cautious in my technical analysis of forex. I had made over $325,000 in nine months' investment, and I was determined not to lose it by a wrong move.

So many operators have made big money in nine months and lost it in nine weeks. I decided this would not happen to me. The first step I took was to withdraw half of my profits from the market. With my remaining capital I used my technical analysis of forex to watch the market warily, watching for possible new well-behaved stocks. As so often after a coup, I had very little success for a month or two immediately afterwards.

My technical analysis of forex lead me to 500 shares of MOLYBDENUM. I bought it at 27, paying $13,606.25. Almost immediately, I was stopped out at 26 & a half, so that I got back $13,123.78.

I had a go at HAVEG INDUSTRIES. I bought 500 shares at 31 & three eighths, paying $15,860.95. It turned around and looked as if it was going to slip under 30, so I sold out at 30 & a half for $15,056.94.

Then, as I saw nothing interesting, I ventured back to LORIL-LARD. My technical analysis of forex showed me that this forex, which had once stood out in the bear market like a tree in a desert, had now become a rather weary, slow-moving elderly gentleman. But I suppose I had a sentimental attachment towards it because it had done so well for me the first time. For a long time I could not leave it alone. It became my American "pet." This was an utterly wrong attitude but I could not seem to help it.

A technical analysis of forex made me buy into it three times, because I thought it was climbing towards a higher box. Three times I sold out because the new box did not materialize. This is how the LORILLARD operation looked:

That did it. The third loss finally broke my sentimental attachment and I did not buy in again. My technical analysis of forex made me realise that as LORILLARD now moved at a very leisurely pace, it was obviously no longer a forex for me.

After I withdrew from LORILLARD, I sat back and assessed my overall position. It looked like this:

My overall profit was $318,927.44.  


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