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"Dave Needs To Clear Out His Inventory"

Order The MetaStock Programming Study Guide Before 12 Midnight 30 June And Receive A Boat Load Of Discounts, Goodies And You Might Even Be Eligible To Write The Whole Thing Off On Tax!

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Date: 24/6/06
From: David Jenyns a.k.a. The MetaStock Expert

Hi there,

At the of each financial year I need to provide my accountant with an up to date inventory list so that he can value our stock on hand. I always like to have this value as low as possible because this actually counts towards our yearly profits. For this reason, I'm going to do whatever it takes to clear out the stock I currently have.

We've all read end of financial year specials in the past... Many times, these offers aren't really that "special" because they include the same old tired bonuses that you've probably already got or don't want. That's why this year I thought I'd do something different.

Each one of the bonuses in this year's extravaganza I am currently selling or have sold in the past. These aren't just freebie bonuses, they're legitimate bonuses that you'd usually have to pay top dollar for!

I want to keep this short because this isn't a sales letter, just a genuine offer for those who know a good deal when they see one! I don't need to sell this package because these 20 copies will sell out quick smart... In fact, last year we sold out in less than 3 days.
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I know most of my subscribers already own the Metastock Programming Study Guide (MPSG) however there’s a few who are still deciding – well now is the time :-)

Here's What You'll Receive As Part Of The End Of Financial Year Extravaganza:

The Complete Metastock Programming Study Guide (MPSG) Package
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or here's a quick summary:

Package Deal
The 230+ page Metastock Programming Study Guide (Printed Manual)
1 CD with Pre-Packaged Stoploss Indictors, Explorations, & Extraordinary Expert Advisor
Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
2 Free Email Consultations
Your Savings

And Now For The Bonuses!...

Bonus #1
(valued at $137USD)
The MetaStock Formula Center

Discover my biggest MetaStock breakthrough & gain access to my private collection of 1198 profit making MetaStock formulas. Free when you purchase the MPSG before 12 midnight 30 June.
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Bonus #2 (valued at $37USD)
Nicolas Darvas "How I Made 2 Million Dollars In The Stock Market" package (ebook + MP3).

Discover the true story of how 25 year old ballroom dancer turned $25,000 into $2.25 million. This is actually the method I base my current trading on. Click here for a detailed description.

Bonus #3 (valued at $67USD)
Trading Secrets Revealed

Currently not available to the public, the Trading Secrets Revealed package details the exact steps you must take when designing excellent money management rules for any trading system. Click here for a detailed description or here's a quick summary:

Package Deal
Money Management Secrets Revealed – Audio $67 INCLUDED
Money Management Secrets Revealed – Transcripts $27 INCLUDED
The Money Management Wizard - Program $49 FREE
The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Traders – Audio $67 FREE
Think & Grow Rich – Ebook $29 FREE
The Original Turtle Trader's Rules - Ebook Priceless FREE
Total $239 $94 $67USD
Your Savings N/A $182

Bonus #4
(valued at $17USD)
Audio interview with Larry Williams - MP3 download

No other trader is as accomplished as Larry Williams. He has more trading and investing books on the market than any other trader. Now you can learn his secrets in this audio interview

Bonus #4 (valued at $29USD)
Ultimate Trading Systems

Of all the products I have released, I am most proud of the Ultimate Trading Systems. It details how to design profitable trading systems. "Yes" there is method for trading profitably and "yes" you can learn this method. That's what the Ultimate Trading Systems is all about.
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Bonus #5 (valued at $53USD)
Metastock DVD 50% Discount Coupon

Stuart Mcphee and I, the authors of the MetaStock Programming Study Guide , decided to put together a live 2.5 hour training event to finally "spill the beans" on what we knew about the secrets to master MetaStock... as part of this package you will receive the opportunity to purchase this DVD at 50% off the RRP. This DVD compliments the MPSG perfectly. Click here for a detailed description

Bonus #6 (valued at $80USD)
Extra Coding Consulation

Stuart and I have found, even with all the information in the MPSG and DVD, sometime you'd like some additional help. You might want something coded up, some formula debugged or maybe some suggestions on a new trading system. With this bonus you will get an additional consultation to the 2 you will receive in the MPSG package.

Usually we charge $80 per consultation, but through this offer, you get three of these for FREE!

In total that's over $420USD worth of bonuses!
The truth is, I couldn't give you any more bonuses even if I wanted to. That's all I have!

Here's a quick summary of the entire package:

The Complete MPSG Guide Package
The MetaStock Formula Center
Nicolas Darvas Ebook + MP3
The Trading Secrets Revealed
Audio interview with Larry Williams - MP3
The Ultimate Trading Systems
Metastock DVD 50% Discount Coupon
Extra Coding Consulation

Even if the MetaStock Programming Study Guide was sold at full retail, this would be a fantastic offer! However, I'm going to do one better...

I'm also going to reduce the price of the MetaStock Programming Study Guide to the special rate usually reserved only offer those who attend one of our metastock seminars.

you're one of the first 20 people to order, or you order before 12 midnight 30 June, whichever comes first, you can own this entire package for only...

$267AUD or $207USD
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Also, don't forget...

The price of the MetaStock Programming Study Guide may be tax-deductible for clients who use them as part of their trading or investing activities. This means the after-tax cost of could be as little as half the prices quoted. Consult your Tax Adviser to see if this applies to you.

Are You Still Thinking About It?

The MetaStock Programming Study Guide owners know its value because they know what's in it. But you don't...

So I’m going to remove your risk completely with my...

100% Master MetaStock Within 30 Days or Your Money Back Guarantee!

Don't say "yes" right now. Just say "maybe."

If I have not delivered everything I promised and more, then I insist you let me know and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

I can't be any fairer than that!

David Jenyns

David Jenyns
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Count Me In David! I want to learn the simple secret to make Metastock easy & identify profitable trades. I also understand that this offer is first come first served, so I hope I've ordered in time.

Only $297 $267
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Only $307 $207
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