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by David Jenyns)

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Read The Truth About Site Build It (SBI)

From the desk of David Jenyns,

Dear Friend,

Hi! I am David Jenyns, the man from down under (Australia that is). Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair as I tell you my story …..

Who Is David Jenyns?

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I am an online and marketing information addict and it is time for my confession: Nothing pumps my blood up more than a good book, raving seminar, limited tape programs or a million dollar money making computer program. If it is out there, I probably own it.

I uncovered some precious gems and other material, quite frankly, that is compared to nothing but pure dirt.

My subscribers often asked me to recommend a website builder or an online "create a website" system that is easy to use. I find most people prefer to DIY (Do it Yourself), but my initial response to this was "do not bother".

What I have learnt is that most web designers SUCK! They have no clue how to SELL anything over the Internet, much less even having the ability to know how to spell the word. I should know as I tried heaps of them, wasted buckets of money. I did find someone who is worth her weight in gold, but she's my secret! I am keeping her to myself.

So, how can you create a money making website, just like I have? Sure, your website may look great …… BUT if you're website is like everyone elses, there are two basic problems…

1. First, your brilliant looking website sits there - attracting NO TRAFFIC.

2. Second, if someone does decide to take a peak, your content is not good enough to make a SELL!

Most website builders fail in these critical aspects of building a successful online business. Most, but not all ….. until now!

What Is My Secret To Having The Most Trafficed Website In My Niche?

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When I first started building my website, by chance, I came across an eBook called Make Your Site Sell by a Canadian called Dr Ken Evoy. This eBook, an intense eye-opener, taught me exactly what I needed to know to build a successful web business. In fact, I believe it should be required reading for all web designers!

Luckily, Ken did not stop there. Using the principles and techniques developed in MYSS, he created Site Build It - an online website builder that allowed thousands of small business owners (just like you and me) around the world to compete with the big guys - to build not just websites but successful online businesses.

I started using Site Build It about year ago and I have to tell you that it is the sole reason my website is the leader in its field. Do not take my word for it though , check it out for yourself!

My site, is one of the top sites on Google. In fact, out of 1,590,000,000 websites, my site ranked by Alexa, is in the top 50,000. That's amazing when you consider I'm up against some heavyweights, and I'm only a beginner, wait till I get good ;-)

Similarly, Ken's main corporate site, is now in the Alexa Top 500 websites. What does that mean? Of all the millions of websites out there, is listed in the top 50 alongside such heavyweights as Disney, Sony, Adobe and Macromedia. This comes from a company with less than 30 employees!

As you could imagine, due to Ken's success, he's been attracting quite a lot of attention. In a recent interview, by a Canadian radio station, questions were launched at Ken from users and affiliates from around the world, including my country, Australia.

I found the discussion so exceptionally motivating that I hunted down a copy of the interview and put it online so you can hear it too. Check it out by
clicking here.

Imagine Earning A Huge Residual Income Online...

With Site Build It you'll learn the step-by-step formula to online success. I'll even show you a sneaky way to Receive Over $726 Worth of FREE Bonuses! But first...

What is Site Build It? Basically, it is a complete online business-building solution. Building an awesome website is just the beginning; look at all these inconceivable bonuses you acquire:

MetaStock Programming Study Guide Hosting for your website...

MetaStock Programming Study Guide
Registering your domain name...

MetaStock Programming Study Guide
Easy submission to the search engines...

MetaStock Programming Study Guide
Optimizing your new sites pages so that you can quickly get to the top of the search engines...

MetaStock Programming Study Guide
An ever-growing list of built-in tools, such as a form builder, database storage and multiple autoresponders and that’s just to name a few.

That's what I like about Site Build It. It takes care of all those factors with a suite of tools and resources aimed at business building, not JUST website creation.

In fact, I have now come to the inescapable conclusion that SBI is a BETTER ALTERNATIVE than hiring a website designer .

Why pay a web designer - with endless back and forth instructions on how you want your site designed (trust me, I have been there) - when you can control the whole process yourself without knowing anything about the technical programming involved with building a website.

Moreover, expect to pay a web designer $1,000 to $5,000 and that is just the start of your expenses.

If your site is not getting decent traffic (unfortunately the rule rather than the exception), you then need to hire a Search Engine Optimization company and/or a Web Marketing company to obtain the results that you desire. Need changes? you will have to pay your web designer more money.

OK …. I will let you in on a little secret; my web content writer uses Site Build It for all of my web traffic and sales needs ... even the page you're reading now was created with SBI.

In summary, Site Build It delivers the goods, and at less cost than Microsoft bCentral and other similar online website builders. So, in my opinion, if you want to build your own website get it done RIGHT by using SBI.

Now, rather than going into too much more detail about the system and how it works, I am going to give you some unique links that will explain how SBI works from YOUR PERSPECTIVE. Simply click the links below for more information:

Local business owner with local clients
Service seller
Professional Webmaster
Existing website owner with no traffic
Aspiring Infopreneur
Affiliate Marketer
Network Marketer
Online Auction seller

Or, click here for a quick tour.

Click on any of the above links to get the full picture on Site Build It.

In short, I wholeheartedly recommend Site Build It. If you want to build your own website, don't consider any other solution!


Click here for some real-life case studies on how Site Build It has helped small business owners around the world.


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As you can see I’m a super advocate of SBI… in fact, it’s my goal to be Ken Envoy's number #1 affiliate – and I’m going to give away everything but the kitchen sink to do it!

(Just imagine the salesman at the state fair peddling the Amazing Veggie Slicer that piles on so many "and you also get's" until you can not help but buy that slicer.)

So this is your chance to RAKE IN THE GOODS with our own Internet version of the State Fair Salesman!

I'm giving away a total of $726 in free goodies to 10 7 people who want to learn the step-by-step, proven and most importantly USABLE Internet money-making information that I've seen to date.

When you purchase Site Build It I will give you the $726 worth of FREE bonuses -- these are actual products I sell and you will receive them for free -- for investing in your future and purchasing Site Build It!

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We Are Registered Site Build It Resellers!

Please Note: There is no difference between buying SBI using the link above and buying directly from Ken Evoy... (Except... I will give you these bonuses if you buy SBI directly from ME).

Here's the 6 extra goodies you'll receive (valued at over $726):

Bonus #1
Joe Kumar's 30 Days To Internet Success Volume 1 & 2 ($97 value)

These eBooks run to almost 1200 pages and contain 30 day marketing plans from over 60 of the top Internet marketing minds around today. In fact, it's hard to find another product that provides more information.

The world class internet marketers in these ebooks include:

- Joe Vitale
- Mark Joyner
- Jeff Mulligan
- Chris Bloor
- Gay Knuckles
- And that's just to name a few...

Anyway enough said on this bonus, it’s the perfect companion to your SBI website and I’m giving it to you for free!


Bonus #2

Midnight Marketers Live Training ($97 value)

Listen, As Two Top Marketing Experts Conduct a 2-Hour NO-HOLDS-BARRED Live Training Session.

"Eavesdrop" on their candid talk about what works and what doesn't! You will be amazed at their answers"

site build it bonus

Hear Armand Morin of and niche marketing expert Randy Charach from

This call was 100% unscripted and you will listen as they talked about almost every aspect of Internet Marketing in a very candid environment.

They didn't hold back a single thing, in fact, they went way over what we even intended to.

Now you can now get your hands on this EXCLUSIVE once in a lifetime event and listen to it from the comfort of your very own home. And the best news is I’m throwing in this awesome audio FREE!

Bonus #3
How To Make Your Ads Pull Like Crazy ($49 value)

Once you’ve got your website visitors, this ebook really works its magic. It teaches you how to capture people’s attention and interest. Then fuel their desire and get them red hot so that they MUST BUY your product NOW! Here are some of the jewels you’ll find…

site build it The secret 7-step process that you must use to make your offer irresistible!

site build it How to communicate your sales message so they will take buying action now!

site build it
The 3 magic words that will build your profits for years to come! How to find the people who will buy whatever you want to sell them!

And that’s just a taste… This is the very same book that taught me all I know about how to capture peoples attention. Mark my words, having a remarkable resource is like having the goose that laid the golden egg.

Bonus #4

The Headline Creator Pro ($97 value)
(see it being sold at

The fastest way to get people’s attention is through a captivating headline. That’s where this phenomenal piece of software comes in handy…

site build it bonus

Simply answer four simple questions about your product or service and this astonishing software churns out proven, time-tested winners like having your own team of professional copywriters slaving away working for free!

There’s also a list of 100 of the greatest headlines ever written. Simply rework them to make them your own. This is a 10/10 program, that’ll save so much time, money and frustration. It’s one of my little secrets ;-)

Bonus #5
Insider Conversations with Internet Marketing Pros
($57 value)

To accelerate your success into warp speed, I’ve included a 30 audio where you’ll learn my best ideas and secrets for making money online. I reveal insider techniques that I’ve developed myself and previously kept secret, such as…

MetaStock Programming Study Guide The one technique that boosted my advertising effectiveness by 50% (and I guarantee that this technique has never been revealed anywhere before).

site build it The best way to keep in contact with your clients and keep them as life long customers.

site build it The 3 things you must do to capture your audience’s attention.

site build it And much, much more!

I've saved the best till last! 


Bonus #6
Michael Senoff’s +117 Hours Of Downloadable Audio Interviews ($397 value)

I've overdone it and acquired the distribution rights to 117+ hours of exclusive audio recordings, rare interviews and word-for-word transcripts from some of the GREATEST marketing minds ever!

Discover the marketing secrets of legends like Gary Halbert, Jay Conrad Levinson, John Carlton, Brian Keith Voiles, Martin Howey, Bill Myers, Carl Galletti, Ted Nicholas, Joe Vitale, The PR Doctor, Millionaire Mr. X, Taylor Trump, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Mr. Arthur Hamel, Michael Senoff and many others.

This collection is filled with real-world, 'from-the-trenches' marketing secrets that produce RESULTS... It's worth $397 but it's yours entirely FREE!

Everyone's telling me I'm crazy to give you all this free stuff. But I'll let you decide...

Add it up and that's $726 in additional bonuses of our own REAL products you receive for FREE.
I am giving you more than DOUBLE the value in my own products if you are one of the first 10 7 people to purchase Site Build It and help me become Ken Envoys #1 affilate.


As previously stated, I do have a content writer I hire on an ongoing basis. If you help me, I help her! The best contribution I make with my money is helping others. If you get nothing else from this site, walk away with this in mind… Help others when you prosper is the best form of enjoyment you will ever experience. It truly is more of a blessing to give than it is to receive.

WARNING: Limited to JUST 10 7 people means these free bonuses won't last long.

So, here's the problem. A value like this doesn't come around very often (if at all) and those 10 7 spots will fill up faster than ants attacking a picnic.

Don't put off taking advantage of this one-time only opportunity for even a second.... or it might be too late! Really. The early bird gets the worm and the procrastinators GO HUNGRY.

Quite frankly, I'll be shocked if the 10 7 packages are not gone by this time on Sunday. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Let's recap everything you'll get if you
act on this limited offer...

Simply order Site Build it and you’ll receive the follow bonuses FREE!

1. 30 Days To Internet Success - Volume 1 + 2 ($29 value)
2. Midnight Marketers Live Training ($97 value)
3. How To Make Your Ads Pull Like Crazy ($49 value)
4. The Headline Creator Pro ($97 value
5. Insider Conversations with Internet Marketing Pros
($57 value)
6. Michael Senoff’s +117 hours of audio interviews ($397 value)

I'm giving these additional bonuses, that normally sell for $726, to the first 10 people... all for FREE just by purchasing the Site Build It package.

To claim them, all you need to do is...

FIRST, sign up for the Site Build It package from the link below ONLY:
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SECOND, forward your purchase receipt showing that you purchased the product and the date the purchase was made to:

THIRD, we will send you the "Big Bonus Package" including all of the details on how to claim and start using each of the $726 in bonus items we are giving you.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email and I hope you take advantage of this amazing offer!

Best Regards,

David Jenyns & Site Build It

David Jenyns
Founder of

+61 3 9822 2011
Address: MetaFormula, 9/304 Tooronga Rd, Glen Iris VIC 3146, Australia
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P.S. If you’re looking at purchasing Site Build It (SBI)… you may as well receive over $726 in FREE Bonuses!

P.P.S This might be the best dang deal you see all year - but there are only 10 7 of these Special Site Build it Packages. I'd be heart broken if I gave them all away before you got around to taking action... Don't let the dust of regret suffocate you -- take advantage of this amazing opportunity right now.
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- Unsolicited Testimonial About David-

"I have been in business for more than 20 years. During this period I have come across all sorts of people and majority of them, particularly business people, look for a method to "get one up on you". One can't help but to form a view of "standard business person". There are always exceptions, and my opinion is that you are a very pleasant exception to the rule of a standard business man.

There are marketing methods, and there are marketing methods. Your approach is the one that is certainly a very preferable one. With your concern on wanting to deliver correct product, rather than maximise sales, is very touching.

You are the type of person that I would feel very relaxed to do the business, knowing full well that I will get good value for the money."

Suresh Jogia, Private Trader

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