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Russell Wasendorf has been involved in the futures markets since he took over the reins in the late 1970s of the Commodity Education Institute, which trained hundreds of futures brokers and traders. He currently manages his own introducing brokerage firm, Wasendorf & Son Company.

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Futures & Options from A to Z

Expert: Russell Wasendorf, Sr.
Type: Video
Running Time: 87 minutes
Availability: Now
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In a video designed specifically for novice traders, Wasendorf covers all the basics and explains everything you need to know before you start trading for a living. Packed with plenty of examples and practical information, this video gives you a complete overview of futures and options and explains the forces that move prices higher and lower. You'll learn fundamental and technical approaches you can use to anticipate the direction of prices, the key components in most winning trading systems, how to develop a system that fits your goals and personality and how to correctly place trades and work with a broker. Whether you are just starting to trade or you want a refresher course on the basics, this video will shorten your learning curve and help you avoid many of the mistakes commonly made by novice traders.

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