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Richard Lees is president of Richard Lees Capital Management, a registered investment advisory in Los Angeles’ Studio City area, where his clients include members of the entertainment industry and other high net-worth individuals. He edits and publishes 21 Forward, a monthly investment newsletter and journal that offers uniquely detailed and unusual discussion of markets. The newsletter also gives specific recommendations for implementation of his proprietary pH-Indicators to profit from those markets. Richard was educated at Stanford, the University of Michigan, and Yale, and he has written about financial analysis for industry publications such as Barron’s, always exhibiting his trademark style of sharp wit and truly contrarian commentary. With a degree in psychology and a career as a professional writer, trading—or turning perception into money—came naturally to him. An active trader since 1982, Richard was one of the first to use sophisticated trading analysis software. His methods have shown consistency and sometimes startling accuracy in the stocks, options, and the forward markets.

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Trading the S&P in 3D-How to use pH-Indicators to TRade US Stock Indices

Expert: Richard Lees
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Running Time: 90 minutes
Workbook Length: 38 pages
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Born of a marriage between technical analysis, physics and pattern recognition, the pH-Indicators are elastic and focused on the future, like today’s broadband electronic markets. Static terms such as ‘overbought’ or ‘oversold’ force traders to make decisions with two-dimensional road maps in three-dimensional real time. These new indicators provide equity and forward market traders with tools that accurately reflect the market environment. The indicators help traders construct the appropriate three-dimensional map, showing first where the market itself wants to go and second, how to build a position ahead of and within the trend of those markets. As CAT-SCANs are to X-rays, these indicators offer a brand-new view of market internals. Boundaries imposed upon traditional concepts of momentum are no longer applicable.

In this session, Richard explains his unique outlook on pH-Indicators and how he uses them to achieve financial success. Richard uses these indicators to successfully manage money and he carefully considered the time and place to present them to the public. He chose TAG 20 as the appropriate forum because he felt it is where real traders come together in search of new methods to make real money. Workshop attendees were the very first traders ever to have access to Richard’s unique work; now you can share his insights, as well.

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