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Pat Cifaldi, CMT, placed his first buy order in the stock market in 1969 using the advice of his grandfather’s broker. After working his way through college, earning a degree in finance in 1976, he took a job as a stockbroker with Dean Witter. While there he worked with Jack Kunkel, one of the early CompuTrac members. Through his association with Kunkel and people like Tim Slater, Harry Laubscher, Jim MacCarthy, and Joe Granville, Pat was introduced to technical analysis. Pat left the sales side of the business in 1985 to become a portfolio manager and director of research for a money management firm where he utilized technical analysis in all of his recommendations. Along with research, Pat directed the hedging of over $340 million in asset/liability gap risk. He also managed a $45 million fixed-income trading portfolio. Over the past decade, Pat has traded U.S. government Treasury Bills. For over two years, he wrote a weekly market letter for Bank One Milwaukee (The Tactician), which analyzed the fixed-income and other markets from a technical point of view. He has written several articles for Stocks and Commodities magazine and various newspapers and was regularly quoted by Reuters European news service regarding the technical nature of the U.S. bond market. He has lectured on technical analysis across the United States and has taught college-level classes on finance and technical analysis in Milwaukee and Kansas City. Pat was chartered by the Market Technicians Association in 1990. Today, Pat serves as a security trading officer for the Commerce Bank Investment Management Group, a $5 billion organization located in Kansas City, where Pat’s primary focus is on the municipal bond, fixed income, and equity markets.

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Volume Studies, the Financial Volume Index, Creating Your Own

Expert: Pat Cifaldi
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Running Time: 90 minutes
Workbook Length: 19 pages
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Pat shows you how to use volume studies in your decision-making process. His discussion gives you an in-depth look at several key technical indicators and their applications, including classical volume studies, on-balance volume and their offshoots, and volume index building. He describes how he developed his Financial Volume Index, which measures a cross-section of interest-sensitive investments in both price moves and volume, and he shows you how you can use the FI as a tool to analyze the futures and fixed-income markets.

Finally, Pat teaches you how to develop your own "customized" volume index, whether you trade financials or equities. He guides you through the development process and provides you with valuable insights on how to recognize and use the internal strengths and weaknesses the index and the investments within it represent.

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