MetaStock Rate of Change Function

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The Rate of Change indicator is basically identical in principle to the momentum indicator, in that both measure how much a security's price changes over a set period of time. One distinct difference with their applications in Metastock, is that the rate of change can be measured in dollars and cents as well as percentage.


The Rate of Change indicator simply measures how much a security's price has changed over a set number of periods and represents the change as either a percentage or actual number of cents.

SYNTAX ROC(Data Array, Periods, % $)

Data Array _ The change in this data array is being measured.

Periods _ This is how many periods are being used to determine the change in the selected data array.

% $ _ This is how the change is going to be represented. Either `%' or `$' is to be used but not both.


Here is an example of the Rate of Change indicator:


In the above example:

Data Array = C

Periods = 8

% $ = %


A more useful application of this example could be:


This formula checks that the change of the security's closing price over the last 8 periods is greater than 5%.

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