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The Lowest function returns the lowest value from the selected `data array', from the entire data loaded into the chart. For example, assume that you have three years of history loaded in your chart. By using the lowest function to return the lowest value of the close, MetaStock will search through the whole three years for the lowest closing value.

SYNTAX Lowest(Data Array)

Data Array _ The lowest value of this data array will be identified in the entire chart.


The formula below identifies the lowest value achieved by the low during the entire loaded history in the chart:


In the formula above

Data Array = L


A more useful application of this example would be:

L<1.05* Lowest(L)

This formula firstly identifies the lowest price the security has reached in the entire chart and then adds 5% to that value (denoted by `*1.05'). MetaStock then compares the present low value and ensures that it is lower than 5% added to the all time low value (denoted by `L<'). In other words, this formula checks to see if the present low is within 5% the lowest price from the data loaded in the chart.

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