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The Highest Since function contains many parameters, and therefore may seem complex. Simply it returns the highest value of the selected `data array' since the `N'th most recent occurrence of a defined expression was true. Additionally, with regards to the `x'th most recent occurrence, if the expression has occurred more than once, with this parameter it allows you to select which occurrence to use (e.g. the third most recent occurrence).

SYNTAX HighestSince(Nth, Expression, Data Array)

Nth _ Is the number of occurrences, of the `expression', you wish to refer back to when obtaining the highest value of the selected data array.

Expression _ The technical condition that you are referring back to.

Data Array _ The highest value of this data array is returned from the period that the `expression' was true `Nth' number of times ago.


The formula below identifies when the closing price last crossed a 30 period exponential moving average, and from that period onwards, it has found the highest high value:


In the formula above:

Nth = 1

Expression = Cross(C,Mov(C,30,E))

Data Array = H


A more useful application of this example would be:


This formula identifies the highest value found after the closing price last crossed a 30 period exponential moving average. The formula has then taken 3% from this value (denoted by `0.97*'), and finally, checks whether or not the present closing price is above this. In other words, it checks whether the present closing price is within 3% of the highest value since the expression occured.

Looking at Figure 3.10, we can see this example applied to the chart as an indicator.


Figure 3.10 _ Highest Since


Construct formulas for the following:

1. Return the highest volume figure since the last time the volume was less than a 10 period average of the volume:


2. Ensure that the present closing price is within 5% of the highest high achieved since the last gap up:


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