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Max Ansbacher specializes in using futures, options on futures, and options on stocks to achieve above-average profits. Max actively trades options, with a particular interest in writing them. He created The Ansbacher Index, a medium-term indicator of stock market trends based upon a calculation of the sentiment of options traders. CNBC broadcasts "The Ansbacher Index" weekly. He has spoken at over twenty-five investment conferences throughout the country and has taught courses on options and investing at the New York University School of Continuing Education and at Marymount Manhattan College. Max has written three books on investing, including The New Options Market, Rev. Ed. (Walker & Co., 1987; 1st ed. 1975)— the first book on exchange-traded options and one of the all-time best-selling books on the subject. How to Profit from the Coming Bull Market (1981) correctly predicted the great bull market that began in August 1992. He also wrote The New Stock Index Market (Walker & Co., 1983), which discusses how to use stock index options and futures as a method of speculating in the stock market.

Here's one of Max Ansbacher's recent presentations.

Developing Your Own Options Trading Strategy

Expert: Max Ansbacher
Type: MP3 Audio Audio
Running Time: 90 minutes
Workbook Length: 13 pages
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Max analyzes the psychological framework of a successful options buyer or seller and the decisions that a person must make regarding his risk posture and strategy. An options trader must first decide which side of the trade to take, buying options or writing them. This requires analyzing the very different risks, profit potentials, capital requirements, and profit probabilities of each side.

You will learn the three major benefits and one big negative of buying options, as well as important rules for selling and buying them. Max discusses margin requirements for options sellers and outlines the importance of defensive tactics — how and when to use stops and how to reduce the "unlimited risk" nightmare of selling naked options. You will learn how to pick the right underlying future, stock, or index on which to trade options and how to determine what size position to take. Max explains how to select the best strike price and maturity date for option buyers and sellers, when and how to roll up, roll down, and roll out your options, and when to close out your position and take your gains or pains.

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