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Matthew Zito is an entrepreneur, individual investor and trader. In 1999, he successfully purchased over 35 IPO's at the initial offering price online for an internal rate of return of 715.01%. Matthew is co-founder of IPOguys.com, an information based portal dedicated to educating, and informing individual investors about online IPO's. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Home Office Computing Magazine and is the co-author of the newly published book "Trade IPO's Online."

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Online IPOs: How to buy at the initial public offering price

Expert: Matthew Zito
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Running Time: 90 minutes
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In this Workshop Matthew Zito will discuss online IPO's - Why a portion of your portfolio should be invested/traded in them. Matthew will take you through the "how to" of successful IPO investing. Gaining an Education in IPO investing will not only allow you to profit from it directly, but will provide you with eye-opening knowledge you can apply to other investment vehicles. As your overall understanding of the investment arena approves, so will your strategizing. One source is finally accessible to you, the individual investor. If you have not integrated IPO's into your investment portfolio, this is a tutorial you won't want to miss!

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