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Mark Boucher began trading at age sixteen. His trading helped finance his education at the University of California at Berkeley, where he graduated with honors in economics. Upon graduation, he founded Investment Research Associates to finance research on stock, bond, and currency trading systems. Mark joined forces with Fortunet, Inc. in 1986, where he developed models for hedging and trading bonds, currencies, futures, and stocks. He researched stock and bond data going back to the 1860s, with Fortunet publishing the results in the Fortunet Trading Course, beginning in 1989. While with Fortunet, Mark applied his research to the design of institutional products, such as a hedging model on over $1 billion of debt exposure for the treasurer of Mead, a Fortune 500 company. Mark also taught MBA classes on investment and had several articles published in Futures and Stocks and Commodities magazines. In 1992, Mark began managing the Midas Fund Trust, another private hedge fund no longer open to new investors. Today, Mark manages the Midas Fund, Cayman Islands, which remains open to new investors. Mark began to publish the Portfolio Strategy Letter (PSL) in 1992. U.S. growth stocks selections published in PSL (based on the criteria taught in his seminars) have been up an average of 46 percent annually. Other funds under Mark's management have generated similar returns.

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How to Slash Drawdown, Volatility & Risk While Improving Trading Consistency Volume 1

Expert: Mark Boucher
Type: PDF Workbook MP3 Audio
Running Time: 90 minutes
Workbook Length: 54 pages
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How to Slash Drawdown, Volatility & Risk While Improving Trading Consistency & Above-Average Annual Return.

In this session, Mark introduces you to the nine specific money management checks for correctly allocating both risk and capital. He also shows you how to consistently adjust your portfolio to maintain control of these critical factors.

Mark also discusses the real performance of buy and hold investing in both U.S. and global equities and bonds. Next, he shares with you two fully usable models (one used by a global money manager managing billions of dollars since the early 1960s) for cutting the risk of investment in any asset class while still improving annual gains. He also shows you how to specifically use the liquidity cycle and a global multi-asset class Relative Strength matrix to further cut risk and increase returns, and to key in on top global trading sectors in futures, equities, bonds, and currencies.

Mark emphasizes the concept of fuel — and how to focus your trading on sectors and vehicles that have the fundamentals, valuations, and reasons for moving substantially higher. Mark shows you how to integrate fuel with Runaway Markets — those markets and vehicles moving the fastest at any particular point in time. These are where the top trading opportunities lie. You'll learn the specific vehicle selection criteria Mark has used to outperform the markets each year on both the long and short side — and what pattern recognition techniques he uses to enter, exit, protect, or trailing stop these vehicles with extremely low risk yet substantial potential. He shares his specific rules for taking profits and gives real-life examples from trades in offshore hedge funds.

Finally, Mark discusses how he has used the techniques he teaches you to more than double the returns of the S&P and World Index with significantly less volatility and drawdown over the last decade, and how you can integrate these methods into your own trading to do the same.

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