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"Ken Evoy: The Brains & Heart Behind The SiteSell Empire!"

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From: David Jenyns SiteSell Super Affiliate 

Hey there,

If you're like me, you like to your due diligence before making any business decision, so here's my research on Ken Evoy.

From start to finish, Ken has been the brains behind every product that his company, SiteSell, Inc., has developed. But to understand the true power of SBI and the other products, you need to know more about Ken Evoy the man, because he is also the heart behind his "empire."

Ken Evoy is not truly a household name... yet. In fact, if you're new to the Internet, you may not have heard of him. And even if you've been online studying how to get a business up on the Web for a while, you may not know him very well at all.

How can this be true of someone who has launched more than 100,000 entrepreneurs since 1997 and who has 300,000 subscribers and counting to his email newsletters? The simple answer is that Ken Evoy is focused solely on the success of his customers, not on making a name for himself.

You won't find Ken Evoy at the numerous Internet Marketing conferences held all over the world. He isn't hosting a teleseminar every other month like many of his colleagues, touting his intelligence and supreme mastery. And you'll never find his products being sold at the ubiquitous firesales and holiday launches that are so popular these days with other Internet marketers.

And yet, Ken Evoy is one of the most successful and highly regarded Internet entrepreneurs of all time. He was in the forefront of the movement to help ordinary individuals like you and me build successful Web- based businesses. In fact, he was the original niche marketer, years before the term came into vogue.

Ken Evoy's Background

Ken Evoy is, by education, a medical doctor, who practiced emergency medicine for many years. A Canadian, he studied at McGill University, and has spent the better part of his life in Montreal, Quebec. His first entrepreneurial ventures were in the area of toys and games and he has more than 23 products on his inventor resume.

Next, Ken Evoy found tremendous success in investing in the penny stocks market. He decided to parlay this knowledge into his first info-product, called PennyGold which he sold online until 1000 copies were sold... at a huge profit.

Ken took what he learned with his Penny Gold product and wrote the Make Your Site Sell (MYSS) manual, which is how I (and many other newbies) first discovered his brilliance. What was notable about the MYSS ebook was its size (many hundreds of pages) and its low price (at the time, about $17). Delivering this much information at such a low price was unheard of at the time. He followed up with a whole series of related infoproducts after that, including Make Your Knowledge Sell, Make Your Price Sell, Make Your Words Sell, Make Your Net Auction Sell, and Make Your Content Presell.

Ken then moved on to the stellar site-building software suite called SiteBuildIt! (SBI) that he is most identified with today. Watch the video below...

More on Ken Evoy

Ken Evoy is also a 50-something husband of Janice and father to two teenage daughters, one of whom, Nori, has one of the most well-known SBI sites on the Web. I think that Ken's background in medicine and his experience in a close-knit family are the foundation to how he does business on the Web.

Here's what I mean... Ken's foundation as a doctor means that he is a scientist, but it is tempered by the caring inherent to the profession. You can see his scientific approach in everything he has done and will do in SiteSell. He follows a solid, methodical process informed by an unwavering personal vision for his company. On the SBI website (Site Build It Review), it states:

"You Are Not A "Customer" At SiteSell... You become a valued member of a focused family of successful business people."

And Ken Evoy lives that heartfelt philosophy in every interaction with his Internet family. In fact, I would describe him as a sort of kindly—but demanding—father figure, who consistently sets high expectations for us all, but is our most vocal champion when we inevitably succeed. Ken Evoy has set the core value for SiteSell of "work smarter" and the common goal of "success!" and it shows.

Plus, Ken Evoy is not just some figurehead at SiteSell, Inc., who is now resting on his laurels and enjoying his millions. Far from it... he is an active, visible presence in every corner of the company. His voice is heard daily in the SBI forums, a huge but close-knit community of SBI users. His posts educate, admonish, and praise as the need arises. He also writes three different email newsletters for the SiteSell community.

In short...

Ken's business philosophy is to offer the absolute best tools and information in the most accessible format and at the most affordable price. He believes in your ability and mine to succeed—whether it is to build an e-business, grow an existing offline business, or create a secondary income stream. And doesn't that feel great?

With such a glowing review, watch the video below to find out why I say "Don't buy Ken Evoy's Site Build It".

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