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Keith Raphael, president of Crosscurrents Investment Advisory, served as principal of the Taylor-Raphael Group (the commodities trading firm of the New York Commodity Exchange) from 1978-1986. He managed the European Currency Desk for Bank Brussels Lambert in New York from 1987-1990 and served as vice president and chief technical market analyst for Chase Manhattan from 1990-1993. In 1993, the Euromoney Survey of the 400 top corporations, investment banks, and funds in the U.S. and Europe named Keith as the Number One Technical Market Analyst and Charting Service. In 1992 and 1993, the Greenwich Associates survey of 350 North American corporations, investment banks, and funds awarded Keith the same distinction.

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How to Overlay Technical Indicators

Expert: Keith Raphael
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How to Overlay Technical Indicators to Minimize Their Innate Weaknesses and Application of the "Portfolio Approach"....

Through the judicious choice of various techniques over the past seventeen years, Keith has developed a "portfolio approach" to technical analysis which greatly improves timing and forecasting. The majority of the investment community uses only one or two analytic tools to make their decisions. The innate weaknesses of each tool, when used alone, can seriously reduce profits in some market conditions (i.e. sideways consolidations). Implementing multiple tools eliminates many of these weaknesses. Adding multiple momentum tools to the equation allows better identification of an expected rally or decline.

Keith describes the pros and cons of most classic analytic tools, shows you how to minimize their innate drawbacks and illustrates how to use a weighted portfolio of tools to increase profits in the market. Using Keith's techniques, traders improve their risk management and become better traders.

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