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Joanna Poppink received her B.A. from UCLA in 1977 and an M.A. from Antioch University in 1978. She did post-graduate work at the Saybrook Institute in San Francisco, and studied the dynamics of unconscious processes in group relations through the A.K. Rice Institute, GREX Institute, Mt. Holyoke, and UCLA. She has also done extensive work in the field of guided imagery through Mind Extension University and has made a concerted study of mental and physical exercises that can clarify the mind/body connection. She is licensed in California as M.F.C.C. (Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling) and maintains a private clinical practice in Los Angeles. Teaching and speaking professionally since 1977, Joanna uses knowledge and techniques acquired in twenty years of training and experience as a psychotherapist to develop a system of mental and physical exercises designed to clarify the inner perceptual system, reduce emotional influence on decision-making, and free logical processes to function precisely within acknowledged boundaries. Through her expertise in the mind/body connection, unconscious processes, strategic thinking, and adult development, she teaches traders how to use this system of exercises to enhance the commitment, willingness, and discipline necessary for successful trading.

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Effective Learning - To the Market & to Yourself

Expert: Joanna Poppink
Expert: Mei Ping Yang
Type: PDF Workbook MP3 Audio
Running Time: 90 minutes
Workbook Length: 39 pages
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You are enjoined by good traders to "listen to the market." Now learn how to do so. Combine self-discipline and understanding with the market's momentum and body language to your trading advantage. In their two-part presentation, Mei Ping Yang and Joanna Poppink share a trading methodology based on chart pattern set-ups, emphasizing the axiom "keep it simple". They also present a mind/body exercise program to strengthen personal clarity and discipline. Learn how to simplify your trading while developing the ability to trust that the basics work.

Mei Ping believes that many traders are reluctant to trust simple or obvious signals and market events. Rather than relying upon the core discipline, many traders add paralyzing layers of complication to their analysis. She feels that successful trading requires the trader to discern market rhythms without being distracted by unnecessary clutter or noise, and she emphasizes time and patience. It is similar to the martial arts technique of using the adversary's momentum and motion to personal advantage. The technique is not one of forcing the issue, but letting the situation mature until the odds are in your favor or your control.

Letting the market come to you requires discipline and absolute confidence in your trading system. Success in trading requires genuine presence in the moment, accurate observational powers, discipline, ability to take action and continual respect and honor for the mature self. You must have implicit trust in your system, your information, and yourself.

Mei Ping shares with you chart pattern set-ups she uses for trade entry and exit and the rationale behind each of them — always emphasizing simplicity. Joanna presents a series of easily mastered mental and physical exercises that will clarify and strengthen your personal ability to listen accurately and move more efficiently within the market rhythms described by Mei Ping. In this session, you will learn how to strengthen your capacity for patience, acute observation and efficient action. You will learn a new appreciation of the basic principles of technical trading and self-empowerment.

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