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Dennis Minogue is president of the Minogue Investment Company, one of the 1990's most successful stock index futures trading, advising and money management firms. His company's proprietary trading account finished with the #1 ranking in the 1995 World Cup of Futures Trading, and its money management CTA portfolios and stock index futures hotline have been featured for their performance excellence in several national publications

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How to Build a Fortune Trading Stock Index Futures

Expert: Dennis Minogue
Type: Video
Running Time: 90 minutes
Availability: Now
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According to Dennis Minogue, indexing is one of the few sure-fire ways you can outperform the top investment firms on Wall Street. In this fast-moving DVD, Minogue reveals a simple long-term market-timing method that allows you to enter the market any time with total peace of mind ... and increase your performance well beyond the natural growth of the U.S. stock market. Learn a proven method for buying stock market corrections that have huge upside potential and discover techniques for trading the year-end/New Year's rally in the stock market. After finishing this DVD, you'll have a detailed blueprint to build a fortune using stock index futures - including a proven system you can use to help you avoid any future stock market crashes.

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