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In 1992, Bob Buran became one of a tiny minority of trading system vendors to publish his personal trading account statements over a period of six years, in order to demonstrate how a little guy can take a small amount of money and turn it into a sizable nest egg.

In the 1980s, while working full-time as a school psychologist in Redlands, California, Bob began trading futures contracts, hoping to find a "quick way to retire fast." Inspired by Larry Williams, Bob began to research and design simple trading systems. In 1985, Bob had a "eureka" experience that gave him the idea for a trading system he intuitively felt would get him the kind of returns he was looking for. He started trading this system in January of 1985 with about $6,000 and finished the year with nearly $90,000 in profits. In the next year and a half he made over a quarter million dollars in profits before he even bought his first computer. By 1988, he was generating sufficient income from his own account to leave his school job to trade full time. In the next five years he was able to trade his original $6,000 to over a half-million dollars in profits without pyramiding.

Although Bob's interest and "trading roots" remain in the efficient and profitable trading of small accounts, he is not a novice when it comes to the trading of large amounts of managed money. He has been influential in developing trading ideas for big money traders in both the United States and Europe. For several years, he has been involved in trading research with Krenzer Capital Management GMBH in Germany, as well as with market wizard Linda Bradford Raschke and her LBR Group. His specialty includes the Italian Government Bond (BTP), the German Bund, and the FT-SE 100 Index (all traded on the LIFFE exchange), the Nikkei 225 Stock Average traded on the S1MEX exchange, and the Japanese 10 Year Government Bond (TSE-JGB), traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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The Derivative Oscillator

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The Derivative Oscillator, plus— Trading a Small Account to the Limits and Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Bob believes in using relatively simple ideas to develop profitable trading strategies for the futures markets. According to Bob, complexity in system design inevitably leads to curve fitting and trading losses. But system design is only part of the challenge of pushing a small account to the limits. Money management is probably even more important than system design. Bob discusses his unique concept of margin efficiency and demonstrates how he uses his concept to make a small account produce high returns without risking ruin.

Bob believes that most conventional ways of rating system performance are incomplete and can lead traders astray. Bob shows you exactly how he rates systems. He also shows you several margin-efficient systems he designed and how he fits them into his margin-efficient money management scheme in order to get the most bang for the buck out of a small account.

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