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Blake Hayward is managing partner of both Connors, Basset and Associates and Oceanview Financial Research. Proficient in the development of financial market trading systems, Blake and Larry Connors have created a number of technical indicators currently used by traders. Blake graduated from UCLA with a degree in business economics.

Here's one of Blake Hayward's recent presentations.

High Probability Day Trading and Short-Term Trading Strategies

Expert: Larry Connors
Expert: Blake Hayward
Type: PDF Workbook MP3 Audio
Running Time: 90 minutes
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The Connors-Hayward methodology of trading builds upon the premises that financial markets always become overbought and oversold and that financial markets range from periods of high volatility to periods of low volatility. With these two premises in mind, Larry and Blake have created their own indicators to take advantage of those situations. In their presentation they teach you how they use these high probability indicators to capture short-term profits. They discuss trading new reversals in the futures and equities market and show you how they apply the Connors-Hayward Historical Volatility System to identify markets about to explode. They also share with you some of the new strategies that they did not cover in their book. In their presentation they place special emphasis on teaching you immediately applicable strategies.

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