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Barbara Rockefeller is an economist and technician specializing in foreign exchange, stock indices and the occasional stock. She writes a daily column, "Technically Speaking," at www.worldlyinvestor.com and another column for www.japan-investor.com. In addition, she publishes a morning currency briefing for institutional investors and an afternoon futures trading report. Her company, Rockefeller Asset Management, is a registered CTA. Barbara is the author of How to Invest Internationally, published in Japan in Japanese in 1999 and the author of 24/7-Trading Around the Clock, Around the World, due from Wiley in October 2000. Before becoming an independent in 1990, Barbara Rockefeller worked at Citibank and was the originator in 1980 of Cititrend, the first FX technical analysis service by a major financial institution-"back when we were still crackpots," she says. Later she was a risk manager in the international corporate finance division and taught "The Fundamentals of Foreign Exchange" for the bank in 40 countries. She has a BA from Reed College and an MA from Columbia University.

Here's one of Barbara Rockefeller's recent presentations.

Using Channels to Stay out of Trouble in the FX Markets

Expert: Barbara Rockefeller
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Running Time: 90 minutes
Workbook Length: 28 pages
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The FX market is riddled with technical analysts, and every type of analysis is actively used all the time. Elliott Wave and Gann are particularly popular, but standard statistical techniques, patterns and candlesticks are also used. The FX market is the largest (volume) and most liquid market. It is a 24-hour market, thus a model of how equity trading will look in a short time. This market is relatively unique in having government intervention and is sometimes correlated with other markets such as equities and gold. Barbara, as an indicator junkie, will show you what methods she uses and why the Average True Range Channels help her stay out of trouble. She will also discuss the dilemma of trading multiple time frames and why there is often more profit in trading the correction than the trend.

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