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Trading Secrets Revealed

Money Management Secrets Revealed #1 – Audio
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The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Traders – Audio - Part 1 (3.84 meg)

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Think & Grow Rich – PDF Ebook

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The Original Turtle Trader's Rules - Ebook

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Download your free bonus here, "Position-sizing Effect on Trader Performance: An Experimental Analysis."

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"Discover What Is The ATR & Why It's So Useful"

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The Art Of War - Sun Tzu

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Ultimate Trading Systems

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Do Professional Traders Exhibit Loss Realisation Aversion (140KB)
The Gamblers' Fallacy (201KB)
Profiles & Motivations of Habitual Commodity Speculators (165KB)
Essentials of Winning Psychology (39KB)
Psychology of Trading (27KB)
The Secrets to Emotion Free Trading (485KB)
Who Are You? (169KB)
Managing your Money (280KB)
Fine-Tuning Your Money Management System (174KB)
Position Sizing Effects on Trader Performance (144KB)
Money Management (1,503KB)
The Math Behind The System (28KB)
A New Interpretation of Information Rate (101KB)
The Effect of Tick Size on Volatility, Trader Behaviour and Market Quality (173KB)
Market Profile Basics (472KB)
Introduction to Market Profile (117KB)
Behavioural Economics (124KB)
Behavioural Finance - and the speculative bubble at the end of the 1990s (482KB)
Losing to Win (43KB)
Winners & Losers of the Zero-Sum Game (81KB)
Trend Determination using the Relative Strength Indicator (560KB)
Are Investors Reluctant to Realize their Losses (136 KB)
Some Quantitative Tests for Stock price Generating Models and Trading Folklore (2180 KB)
On Technical Analysis (2165KB)
“Fibonacci” The man and the markets (217 KB)
Risk Analysis techniques (97 KB)
Stock-Market “Patterns” and Financial Analysis: Methodological suggestions (892 KB)
Ed Seykota Of Technical Tools (103 KB)

In Defense of Technical Analysis (1196 KB)
Secrets of Today's Top Traders (162 KB)

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