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A little while back Stuart Mcphee and I decided to team up once again, putting on a series of MetaStock training events like no other. We wanted to "spill the beans" on all we knew about mastering MetaStock.

After trading for 6+ years, coaching clients for 4+ years and selling the MetaStock Programming Study Guide for 2+ years we knew exactly the questions you wanted answered. In hindsight, I think this is what made these seminars soo successful.

Now you can now watch the entire MetaStock Secrets Seminar from the comfort of your own home since we professionally recorded and edited the event for you!

This DVD is the perfect companion to your new MetaStock Programming Study Guide.

Many *new* MetaStock Programming Study Guide owners have commented on how helpful it was to actually see someone navigating around MetaStock when first starting out.

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Since we know how helpful this DVD can be when working through the MetaStock Programming Study Guide we wanted to do something special.

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This really is a no brainer and is perfect to watch just before starting on the MetaStock Programming Study Guide. If you're quick enough, we'll even ship it at the same time as your MetaStock Programming Study Guide so it all arrives together.

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David Jenyns
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