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"Finding someone who is skilled at using Metastock & who is prepared to share that knowledge is difficult. David has the knowledge & he shares it."

Daryl Guppy - Professional Trader & Educator www.guppytraders.com 


IMPORTANT: This isn't a sales letter, just a genuine offer for those who know a good deal when they see one! I don't need to sell this package because these 11 2 copies will sell out quick smart.

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MetaStock Programming Study Guide Package
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Package Deal
The 230+ page Metastock Programming Study Guide (Printed Manual)
1 CD with Pre-Packaged Stoploss Indictors, Explorations, & Extraordinary Expert Advisor
Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
2 Free Email Consultations
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Bonus #1 "Trading Secrets Revealed "
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Package Deal
Money Management Secrets Revealed – Audio $67 INCLUDED
Money Management Secrets Revealed – Transcripts $27 INCLUDED
The Money Management Wizard - Program $49 FREE
The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Traders – Audio $67 FREE
Think & Grow Rich – Ebook $29 FREE
The Original Turtle Trader's Rules - Ebook Priceless FREE
Total $239 $94 $67USD
Your Savings N/A $182

PLUS 7 More Fantastic Bonuses!

Bonus #2 (valued at $27)
60 Minute Live Nicholas Darvas Seminar
- MP3 download
This seminar, given by Frank Watkins founder of Pro Trader, finally reveals Davis’ secret trading method. Frank has been quietly taking profits from the market for years and now you can learn his secrets.

Bonus #3 (valued at $17)
Audio interview with Larry Williams - MP3 download
No other trader is as accomplished as Larry Williams. He has more trading and investing books on the market than any other trader. Now you can learn his secrets in this audio interview.

Bonus #4 (valued at $29)
"Ultimate Trading Systems"
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Bonus #5 (valued at $47)
Mental Fitness For Traders - PDF Download.
Filled with practical advice and humorous anecdotes, Mental Fitness For Traders is a must-read for serious traders at all experience levels. After reading this 35 page report, you'll be convinced that YOU are the main obstacle getting in the way of your trading success.

Bonus #6 (valued at $47)

The Truth About Fibonacci Trading - PDF Download.
Filled with the basic truths about Fibonacci trading this eBook is a great read for any trader interested in learning about the great Fibonacci - includes 16 specific chart examples.

Bonus #7 (valued at $29)
An Introduction To Candlesticks - PDF Download.
If you're interested in Candlestick Trading, this is one of the best guides around. This eBook is 34-pages long and contains an insightful introduction to the classic Japanese Candlestick Line.

Bonus #8 (valued at $47)
Choosing A Trading System That Actually Works - PDF Download.
Selecting a trading system that actually works is harder than you might think. In this ebook Bill Poulos reveals his step by step criteria for identifying profitable trading systems.

In total that's over $310 worth of bonuses!

Even if the MetaStock Programming Study Guide was sold at full retail, this would be a fantastic offer! However, I'm going to do one better...

I'm also going to reduce the price of the MetaStock Programming Study Guide to the special rate usually reserved only offer those who attend one of our metastock seminars.

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I can't be any fairer than that!!

Count Me In David! I want to learn the simple secret to make Metastock easy & identify profitable trades. I also understand that this offer is first come first served, so I hope I've ordered in time.


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