Downloading Instructions

Left-click on the download link (on the download page). Depending on your browser, you might see the following window.

If so, choose...
"Save this program to disk."
(as shown)
This does not mean that you are saving it to floppy disk. Actually, you'll save it to the desktop of your hard drive (which counts as a "disk") in the next step...

After choosing "Save this program to disk" (or if your browser skipped that step), you will see the following window. Click on the arrow button, (as shown below) and and then select "Desktop" (lamp-on-desk icon may vary, depending on version of Windows you have).

NOTE: Do not actually click on this picture below -- it's just an example.

Note: As you will see, the "XXX" file name (i.e., the mp3 or PDF you are downloading) will automatically appear in the "File name" box. Do not change it.

You're all set to download. Click on the Save button and the download will proceed to your desktop.